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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Shinjuku Premium Salon - Touch up my roots and change color

Hey Ladies! >w<)/ I'm going to share about my new hair color now. I got lot question about my new hair color @_@, I should've post this weeks ago, hahaha. So, if you notice my update on instagram you should know that I change my hair color! My roots already grow ≧△≦ and it was so annoying. Hahaha, so I decided go to Shinjuku again with my friend Miharu. Here's some pics of my hair condition.

 ugly ;A;

The colors still look okay, hahahah glad Shinjuku is use Loreal Professional to color my hair.

But the honey beige color is turn a bit orange (#゜皿゜), lol. 

So, as always I talked with Ko Audid first about my hair and about what color I wanted. I wanted to touch up my roots and then change my hair color. I thought I need to bleach my hair again but He said no need to bleach again because the color I wanted is on the same level. I can reach the color I want and touch up my roots without bleach first, lol I was so happy because that's mean I don't need to bleach and hurt my scalp. LOL *laugh at miharu

After the dyeing step, they wash my hair and I was happy to see my new hair color! Kekeke, then mas Toto asked whether I want to style my hair or not. I said yeah, I want they use Tsuyagla wave to style my hair, mwahahahhahaha.ヾ(☆▽☆)

 Mas toto, with his red shirt 8D

B-beautifuuulll light wave *Q*

Its so easy to use Tsuyagla wave, hahaha. When mas Toto was away because there were sooo many people that day! He told me to wait until he was back to continue style my hair. But I just couldnt wait and grab Tsuyagla wave, then tried it by my self. Nyahahahahha. So easy, now I really want it TT___TT. Actually on my birthday few months ago, my bf want buy this for me. But I didn't want because it's so expensive with the shipping from Japan. lol.

Sooooo, this is the result~~ Tadaaaaaaahhhh, oh well you probably already saw it on my facebook/instagram. lol

I love how it can make my hair more puffier ... I love puffy hea ;A; .

And my current hair color now. Hehe, it's milk tea brown =w=. On picture it looks a bit umm well a little bit different, hahahaha. But looks almost same !

 I still love my ombre so I didn't change it :p

With half-face ko Audid 8D LOL

Bahahahhahaha XD

 Miharu after touch up too and style her hair! 


Pose together with Ko Audid, hehe. If you're planning go to Shinjuku Premium, you can manage your time to meet Ko Audid >‿<. Now, he come to Jakarta only on Saturday, on the first week and 3rd week. You also can ask them on Twitter 'here' or call them directly to make appointment. 

If you want to try ombre hair like me, you can ask Ko Audid to make your hair like mine, haha. Kindly visit their website shinjuku hair make. Thank you~!! If you have some question just leave comment. Bye~~ (///∇//)


This is after I wash my hair one time. My exact hair color now, milk tea brown. =w= no edit. (Room Lighting).

Compared to the before touch up, this is a lot lot better. HAHAH. Well, see ya!

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