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Monday, January 13, 2020

#1 Obsession = TEA

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Last year, I made a poll on my IG story about whether I should make a blog post about my tea selection as many people have been asking me about that. Many people voted Yes instead of No, and because I have a bit time this week (before I go back to Indo), I've decided to make the post ASAP.

When I was living with my family, my tea variety is mostly loose-leaf tea imported from China and Japan. I think China has the best tea in the world. I have visited more than three tea houses in China to taste and learn about tea. It was a fantastic experience because I'm obsessed with drinking tea, and was looking for the best-tasting tea.

My favourite is Longjing tea (My dad bought it for me in Hang Zhou), Pu-Erh tea, Tieguanyin and some Snail green tea I got during my Taiwan trip a few years ago. I used to drink Bamboo tea leaves before I sleep and sip a cup of Pu-Erh tea for my digestive.

All the tea I've bought in China were costly but had top quality and can be consumed for a long-long time. So if you're travelling to China, don't let the price put you off if you really love tea like me. Remember to buy from the qualified tea house or the tea farmer or the home factory if you can.

Now, since I've got married, I have to change my lifestyle a little bit because tea leaves from China are a bit pricey for us. I got some favourites now after living here in the UK for more than a year. I consume a lot of herbal and organic tea now, I don't take much caffeine for treating my sleep problems. I love black tea and coffee, but I have to limit them from my daily intake for the sake of better sleep.

If you look at the above picture, you can see that I have a lot of Pukka and Heath&Heather tea. Fyi, they are not sponsored. In fact, I purchased them from the store by my self. I realise that I have not accepting sponsored items (except for some clothes and fashion stuff) for a long time because I want to keep my article original. I guess I'm tired of all the life on the internet as well, and I want to focus on my real life more.

The regular price for Pukka tea vary from £3 to £4.50, it depends on the retailer. I usually grab them from H&B or Waitrose on the high street if they were on promo. 

Heath & Heather is a heritage tea brand in the UK and was founded in 1920. I've never heard of it before, but the packaging is so pretty, and they're all organic, so I thought I might try one, and ended purchase some.

Below is some of the tea variant that I drink after some meal. I take a cup to help my digestion or to help me with my bloated feeling after food.

They are (from left to right) Heath&Heather Organic Oriental Chai & Liquorice (a great taste after meals), Heath&Heath After Dinner Seed Supreme (light and unique), Pukka Peppermint & Liquorice, Pukka Cleanse, Pukka Three Mint (a lovely blend of three type of mint) and Pukka Original Chai. 

If you look at them, some of them contain the same ingredients, like mint, liquorice, chai and fennel seeds. I love most of the taste as they make me feel great after dinner and good for my wellbeing.

To-point-out, oriental Chai & liquorice is my all-time favourite.

Each box usually contains 20 individual sachets for one use. I love how they are plastic-free as I'm not too fond of something that isn't environmentally friendly, so it's nice to know that the company care about our earth.

Btw, I love to make the Chai latte with the original Chai and mix it with my homemade organic soy milk. It's fabulous after breakfast or lunch!

Below are some collections for my severe insomnia and anxiety problem. In odd moments, the depression could come and haunt me if there's a trigger from past trauma. The main problem is some chemicals are missing in my brain, and I have to maintain my wellbeing so that I can keep going. The thing is I have to practise mindfulness. I try to stay away from the chain source of the problems that bother my life. I also learn how to tackle my anxiety and depression, but I still struggling to do it sometimes, but I will never give up! I don't want to feed my weaknesses, so they can't grow more prominent.

An additional effort for a happier life by me is implemented through a cup of tea.

As you can see from the picture above; there are Twinings Sleep, Pukka Tulsi Clarity, Pukka Womankind, Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey, Pukka Love, Pukka Night-Time and Teapigs Chamomile flowers.

They are mostly tea to consume before bedtime and for relaxing. Twinings Sleep has lovely taste with a notable scent from apple. It feels relaxing and sweet. Pukka Night-time has an unusual fragrance from the oat-flower with 14% lavender flower and 10% of the lime flower. The taste makes me a bit calm and is excellent to deliver me to a night of good night sleep.

We have a special place for Pukka Love tea, it has 5% rose flower and 5% lavender flower (which I hope more). My husband really adores it as it makes him relax and in peace.

Are they really help me with my severe insomnia problem? Kinda, not necessarily always but almost help me to stay relaxed before sleeping. My insomnia is bad-bad, I mean terrible. Even though they don't help as much as the sleeping pills, but I choose them instead. All for my health. I've never ever wanted to take any sleeping pills, so I have a hard time with my sleep from an early age. Even though I struggle with that, but it's a part of me.

I have to be very disciplined.

If your insomnia is not as severe as me, I guess a little addition of some night teas to help with your sleep isn't a bad idea.

The pretty and real Chamomile flowers from Teapigs to brew before sleep is heaven. They come in a whole, so I feel assured with the quality even though it's not certified as an organic.

Tulsi is known as Holy Basil is considered to be one of the sacred plants in India. It believes widely in India to raise the spirits and cheer the soul. I take it to see if it helps with my severe anxiety. It tastes unusual but enjoyable for me.

Most of the teas that I'm consuming now are herbal, so it doesn't affect my sleep at all. Though I really love black tea and green tea, I have to limit my intake of them.

There is some more collection below like Pukka herbal collection. I got this to try beforehand and get the one I like the most later.  Lavender Green tea (I bought this in Hungary), Heath&Heather Organic Green tea with aloe vera, Heath&Heather Organic Lavender & Echinacea and Diplomat Refreshing Berry Fruits.

The Lavender green tea is probably really precious for me because it's from Hungary. I love how I can smell the full fresh lavender flower in this green tea. I want to buy something similar to this in the UK but haven't found one yet.

The Diplomat tea from Aldi (berry fruits) tastes like a real berry tea. Despite being the most affordable price of all, the quality is quite good, and this flavour is worth to try. The berry tea is burst with forest berry flavour in deep red colour with a slightly tangy taste. I've tried the other flavour from the Diplomat tea like Peppermint and Chamomile, but I like the Three mints from Pukka and the Chamomile flowers from Teapigs more.

The Lavender & echinacea from Heath&Heather has a bold and slightly tingling. It's unique, but I find that the echinacea is too strong (10%) and hides the lovely scent of the lavender flowers (7%), which I think is such a waste. I honestly can't entirely agree that blending echinacea and Lavender is a good idea, but nonetheless, it's personal. I like the elderberry & echinacea blend from Pukka better compared than this one.

Echinacea is super useful for flu, I take this to maintain our health, and I make this for husband if he's got a runny nose and cough. Great to protect us from the flu!

If you want to try any lavender tea, I suggest to get the one with green tea or just Lavender, defo not with echinacea. My husband like this tea the least from all my collection, so I guess I have to warn you before you get one. You have to finish like 20 bags, and it's too much if you're not into this blend.

Personally, I love tea with rose. I have bought a green tea rose from Taiwan a year ago, it was lovely, but I hope to find something without caffeine, so I could enjoy it without worrying that it might affect my sleep.

If you drink black tea or green tea daily, it might be hard to switch to herbal tea. My recommendation is for a starter; you might try something like fruit tea, flower tea and peppermint. For example; berry tea, chamomile or peppermint.

If you like something more unique, you can try ingredients like liquorice, ginger, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom. Maybe get something special like peppermint & liquorice or lemon & ginger for a sip after a meal.

When you drink tea with caffeine such as black tea and green tea, aim to sip the tea after the meal so it won't interrupt the nutrient absorption for our body.

Tea is good for our health and wellbeing. I've consumed it since I was very young, and reap many benefits from it so I'd like to recommend my personal lifestyle to you. It might be suitable for you but it might not, but it's worth to try.

Have a great week ahead!

Love, Comi.

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