Monday, February 10, 2020

Fashion Coord 0.2

It's February already! How are you guys? I had just come back from my trip to Jakarta a few weeks ago. I didn't have much time to update on my social media and my blog because many things happened that made me super anxious. Well, shits occurred.

It was a lovely and busy trip, though. I had a fabulous stay with my family, but it was super hectic until I couldn't meet with any friends. We have priority, and our first priority is our family. I miss some of my friends, though, but I'm sure they will understand my difficulties. It's not easy to be a wife, a daughter and a daughter in law at the same time!

Anyway, just a little update up there and I'm ready to share some fashion coordinates for this month! They are from my favourite one-stop shopping online store - Femme Luxe. I had chosen four pieces which is suit my taste and my body. Fyi, I'm 167cm.

If you're looking for some inspirations for your wardrobe, you might continue to read the whole post until the end.  :) 

Little black dresses are always classy and a staple in my wardrobe. Long before I was into Kawaii fashion, I was into anything black. My mom used to tease me that my black wardrobe resembles a witch and a funeral go-ers.

But this cute black dress with puff sleeves is such an eye-catcher with its slinky material fit well to the body. I think it'll look more flattering with some sequins on the body. It makes the whole dress looks glamourous. Are you into sequin dresses as well?

This pink ruched dress is my ultimate love in this co-ords, mainly because I love the pink shade and something romantic. It's favourable and fits well on the body.

I think this dress will look fab with thin and soft satin material as well. For example, black satin dresses with ruched style, classy and romantic at the same time.

Mesh trend was on another level last year and will stay longer this year. I always love see-through and frilly material because of the delicate vibes it has. This white mesh top is lovely to pair with some jeans, skirts or pants, both are fantastic.

Red is a bold colour, and to be honest, I rarely have red in my wardrobe except for wine red, maroon, burgundy or any deep red shade. In total, I probably only have less than 10 pieces of red.

But this wine-red bodycon dress is a must-have (at least for me). As a Chinese descendant, it is a blessing to have a few shades of red in my wardrobe (as suggested from mom /lol), because it considers as a lucky colour.

I brought this dress to Jakarta to wear it on Chinese New Year. Everyone screamed that I look so thin, but to be honest, I gained 3-4 kg while I was in Jakarta. I guess it was the effect of this bodycon dress that made me look so skinny. I guess this dress is my cheating-dress then?

It is funny how this kind of dress suits SE Asia's temperature more than here. Ever since I stayed in the UK, my wardrobe is mostly knitted jumper dresses to keep me warm. I could wear this kind of one layer of clothing in late spring to summer and early autumn, but still, I need a piece of a coat as an outer or a warm layer inside.

I was at 58 kg when I was in Jakarta, but people said I was skinny. Back then, I was at the same weight, and people told me I was fat. People are funny. 😂

Now I don't care about my weight and the shape of my body anymore. More importantly, I don't want to take other people's opinion personally. I am on my way to tackle my mental health problems, so instead of avoiding people, I should have my own standpoint to keep me happy and sane. I should have the weapon to face the world as I'm capable of it no matter how broken I was. Life is a challenge!

I just got back to the UK for a week, so it doesn't matter about my weight or body shape or whatsoever. I don't weigh my body regularly anymore. All I do is cook my food, eat daily and stay healthy. ;D

Stay happy guys!



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