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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

No One

I believe
I am no one, from the beginning,
I have nothing to be shown off,
I am blessed with this life, and He could take it or let it as He desired, 
I thanked God for the beautiful design He gave me,
I nurtured my self for I have been granted this body and mind,
I learn the world as it is, 
I see the future as something I can't control,
I plan with the guide from Him,
I walk with two feet He attached to my body,
I work with the wisdom He gifted me,
I am grateful for everything.

But I also know that I have to;
Maintain this life that He gave me,
Work so I can eat and learn,
Protect what I have to,
Let my heart open,
Evolve to something aromatic, 
Observe every fluctuation neutrally, 
Preserve what I could for the worst case,
Watch the wrong so I could save,
Accept the worst but not lose before the war, 
Climb the stair higher and higher so I could pull the one who falls,
Defend my integrity, so He'll be proud of me, 
And more importantly,
To love wisely.
I want to learn from Him, and please let me do.


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