Friday, March 02, 2018

Stage Make Up (FOTD)

I was playing with my make up because I need to find the make up style for my friend's wedding soon. I think it was fun to try various make up look on my face.

Perhaps I called this look 'stage make up', because it was inspired by neo-gal kind of make up. I wear natural false lashes and didn't add false lower lashes so it doesn't look too much.

In this look, I use grey eyeshadow and a little bit of midnight purple look. I didn't draw my eyebrow thickly because I want to look maturer and for the make up to look softer.

I really love playing with my eye make up, I have a small eyes so I adjust any style and color to my eye shape. Sometimes I use double eyelid tape to make my eyelid look deeper.  :)

1. MUFE HD Foundation
2. MUFE HD Concealer
3. Canmake Shading Powder
5. SANA Pore Putty
6. Etude House V Line Maker
7. The Face Shop Blush
8. Candy Doll Cheek Color (Strawberry Pink)
9. Canmake Mix Eyebrow (for nose shading)


1. Canmake Eyeshadow Base
2. Canmake Eyeshadow
3. Sleek Nude Palette
4. Dejavu Fiberwig
5. Canmake Lash Curl
6. Dejavu Liquid eyeliner
7. Diamond Lash


1. Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge 02
2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (fiery)
3. Etude Clear Lip Gloss

This look might be different from my usual style but I love it.

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