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Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Review

As a woman, sometimes we like to collect some lipstick colours to wear at different occasion. For example when we hang out with some friends or join a party, sometimes we like to change our lipstick colour according to our clothes or make up. And sometimes, depends on our moods.

There're so many Lipstick brands out there, from western brand to korean brand, and me honestly more into Japanese cosmetics because they're cute and have a good quality. But for Lipstick I usually like western brand more because they usually got a better pigment.

This time I'm going to share about some lipstick shades I got from Canmake. I owned a Canmake lipstick before and really like it because surprisingly it has a good pigment to cover my real lip colour without a concealer.

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge comes in a sleek gold colour case with usual round long shape like a cylinder. It looks simple and elegant.

I got all of the colours, from left to right [01], [02], [03]. These lipstick doesn't has pearl particles so it's not shimmery, it's a semi-matte lip colour.

The texture is rich creamy and it glides easily, the pigment of the colour is really good because the result it just like what we've seen in the post. It's moist at first and not drying but after 3 hours it can be pretty dry especially in air conditioner room.

It creates a soft and semi-matte lips effect with natural gloss. More important is we don't need a concealer to conceal our lips first because this lipstick contain it already.

You can see how rich the colour is on the swatches. They have a moisturizing effect to prevent dryness and make our lips soft and supple. These lipstick contain; hyaluronic acid, collagen, avocado oil and raspberry extract.

These are some swatches on my lips, I also topped them with some Lip Glosses from Candy Wrap Lip series, so if you're going to purchase this lipstick and the lipgloss, it's easier for you to match them! 

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge in [01] Marshmallow Pink

I think this Marshmallow Pink colour is perfect for Doll like make up, this sweet & soft pink colour is popular for Lolita make up and Gyaru make up. It's not too nude in my opinion and it looks best with Dolly make make up. 

Creamy Touch Rouge in [01]Marshmallow Pink topped with Candy Wrap Lip in [01]Sugar Love

- - -

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge in [02] Misty Orange

This Misty Orange colour is a velvety orange colour, looks a bit peach in my skin tone. The orange colour is fresh and perfect for casual summer look!

Creamy Touch Rouge in [02] Misty Orange topped with Candy Wrap Lip in [02] Navel Drop

- - -

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge in [03] Sweet Cherry
My favorite colour out of three, this sweet cherry red isn't contain too much blue tone in it. Makes my appearance looks brighter and lively. I think this colour is so beautiful and not too bold.

Creamy Touch Rouge in [03] Sweet Cherry topped with Candy Wrap Lip in [04] Lady Strawberry

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge isn't like other Japanese Lipstick I've tried. It's more moisturizing imho and it's not cracking when dried. It glides smoothly on my lips and easy to blend.

If compared to some Korean brand lipsticks, Canmake of course is a win. It's pigmented and the colour shows just like on the pot. Worth the price and the quality is really good for a drug store Lipstick brand.

What I like:
● Affordable
● Pigmented, colour shows just like on the pot
● Moisturizing and easy glides on lips
● Don't need a concealer or lip balm as a base

What I don't really like:
● Can't wear in chapped lips condition, it doesn't looks good

What I wish:
I wish they produce more colours lol

You can find Canmake products at:
1. Beauty Couture, Taman Anggrek Mall and Kelapa Gading Mall 3.
2. Aeon Mall
3. Central Department Store Grand Indonesia
4. Star Department Store at Summarecon Mall Bekasi
5. Some Guardian Drug Stores (Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Emporium Pluit, Plaza Senayan, Bintaro Exchange, Kelapa Gading, Taman Anggrek, Aeon Mall, Pondok Indah and Ciputra Mall).

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