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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Candy Doll Cheek Color Swatch and Review

Candy Doll is a cosmetic brand produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka. Candy Doll made it's debut on October 2008. Cute dolly face is the concept of making all the products. I've tried few items from Candy Doll such as liquid foundation, powder, lip gloss and lip stick. I adore all of them, probably because the formula and color suit me. (*≧▽≦)

Super kawaii Tsu-chan~

Finally, I can try Candy Doll cheek color, I was so so excited to try them! I have 2 colors to review, it's Strawberry Pink and Peach Pink. Let's see~

☆ Packaging :
Candy doll cheek color comes inside a box, the design is same like the other Candy Doll packaging. Dominated with black and white stripes. I always love to see tsu-chan face on the box, lol. (///∇//)

Candy Doll Cheek Color in Strawberry Pink and Peach Pink

☆ The Pot :
Candy Doll blush has round shape with clear case. On top of that, there's a Candy doll logo printed on it along with black candy shape. It's not heavy and made from standard material, still look cute! (´∀`)♡

☆ Size :
I think the size isn't too big or too small, easy to carry and put in my make up bag. 

☆ Color :

. Strawberry Pink :
The charisma of Gyaru and Mama is all in this pink color! Create dolly cheek and make you look cute! This is cute dolly pink color that gyaru use the most on their make up. This color is pigmented and show on my skin. Can use with the Peach Pink color to create gradation color.

. Peach Pink :
Make fresh and cute face, this color appear a lot in Popteen magazine. This is tsu-chan favorite color to wear. This color can create soft and fuwa-fuwa cheek look, looks natural and fresh. Can mix together with the purple highlighter and Strawberry Pink color to create gradation. Recommended for beginner user.

☆ Pigmentation :
Standard to High, I think all the colors show quite good on my skin. They're pigmented and stay long on my skin, especially the Strawberry pink. Since the peach pink looks quite fair on my skin, sometimes I use it for highlight my cheek.

I love love the Strawberry Pink one because it's so gyaruish, I mean they wear this kind of pink color a lot. Beside the gyaru thingy, it looks so dolly too! And the color show on my skin with only 1 swipe, I even carefully apply it on my cheek because if not, it will look too much.

Now, on my cheek. Not sure if you can see the color or not since I apply them thinly.

☆ Peach Pink color, soft and fuwa fuwa look.

Mix with Strawberry Pink ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
☆ Strawberry Pink color, dolly pink color, gyaru look. 

☆ Where To Get ?
Soooooo, you must be curious where I got Candy Doll products. Well, I got my Candy Doll products from BlingAlways, online store based in Singapore!

They specialize in selling popular Japanese skin care/cosmetics products. So, If you love Japanese products too can buy from them! Feel free to visit their website and check all their products, all really interesting! If you live in Indonesia? Don't worry they ship worldwide (/^▽^)/ (/^▽^)/

Please note these few things :

❤ All their website pricing is SGD.
❤ For purchase over SGD100.00 , Free Air Mail which the delivery take 5-8 days (Not for liquid items)

 They accept paypal.
 To meet up in Singapore, can be arrange.

I wear Candy Doll Lip gloss in Strawberry milk on this post. And yeah, BlingAlways have it too~!

♪ What I like 
. Cute colors
. Pigmented
. Easy to bring on my make up pouch

♪ What I don't like 
. Not any

Thanks for reading everyone, I leave you with my peace pose. Hahahaha! Sorry if I rarely update my blog now and thanks for become my loyal reader (˘̩̩̩﹏˘̩ƪ) , See you! (≧∇≦)/

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