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Candy Doll LIp Gloss Swatch and Review

How to achieve that juicy lips like Tsubasa Masuwaka?(///∇//) If you look at her pictures, you must notice that her lips always look full and juicy. Since she produced Candy Doll, she always had that full lips and make people can't take their eyes of it. ヾ(☆▽☆)

I've tried some Candy Doll lip gloss and I'm very happy with the result so far. I already made the review of them, you can use the search box to find my old review. And now, I'm going to make new review about Candy Doll lip gloss product. 

This will be a long post because I put many pictures, lol
I got two colors this time, it's Macaroon Pink and Strawberry Milk (I've reviewed this color before). ♡

☆ Packaging :
Candy doll packaging always come in a box, besides to protect the lip gloss inside it looks more interesting too. Actually, Candy doll already released their new packaging but I guess the formula is still same. ♡

Candy Doll Lip Gloss allows you to create at your own will shiny lips full of your personal charisma. It gives doll-like plump lips that are glittering and lustrous. The highly visible colour is saturated and is not easy to fade. With hyaluronic acid, it hydrates while brightening lips.

☆ The lip gloss :
It's pretty long and has a lot of liquid. The tall design made the lip gloss container look pretty and chic. ♡

☆ Candy Doll Macaroon Pink :
Sweet pastel pink color, the most popular color. Use on top after Candy doll lipstick in Ramune Pink to get milky pastel pink lips. ♡

☆ Candy Doll Strawberry Milk :
Clear pink color, can use everyday and mix with any lipstick color to create 3D juicy lips. Natural luster lip gloss ♡ w ♡

☆ Formula :
It's not too thick or too watery, it already has a concealer inside the lip gloss so don't worry the color will still show on our lips. It's a little bit sticky, but I don't mind at least I can have those juicy milky lips. ( ・∀・)

It is really pigmented as you can wear them alone without any lipstick on, but I recommend to apply them after lipstick so the color can stay and show better.

all Candy doll lip glosses I have, color comparison with natural lightning.

☆ Don't apply too much :
Sometimes it can pile up and stay on the edge of lip and leave white mark or something look like wrinkle. lol

☆ Macaroon Pink ☆
Sweet pastel pink color, super cute for achieve gyaru look as they often wear this kind of pink tone for their make up. ♥

Applied on my bare lips, I'm not use any lipstick so you can see the lip gloss density.
(natural lightning)

(natural lightning), it can cover my natural lip color because of the high pigmentation.

chu chu, posing #slapped

(ring flash lightning), topped over Candy Doll Ramune Pink Lipstick.

look milky and juicy, love love !

☆ Overall ☆
Candy Doll lip gloss in Macaroon Pink is a pretty pastel pink color and I love to apply it after Candy doll lipstick in Ramune Pink to create pastel pink Gy♥ru lips. It looks super cute and dolly in real life, the gloss is make my lip look full and juicy. 

I love how they show on picture too! Many people don't really like Candy doll because they feel it's too sticky. But I prefer Candy Doll compared to other lip gloss brand (except Melliesh) because of the high pigmentation and how it moisture my lips. (ノ´∀`)

☆ Strawberry Milk ☆
Pale pink lip gloss, I love this clear pink lip gloss to wear with my nude lipstick. It looks super milky just like tsu-chan lips. ♡.♡

Applied on my bare lips, I'm not use any lipstick so you can see the lip gloss density.
(natural lighting)

(natural lighting with flash)

I love this lip gloss to create pale (nude) gyaru lips.

Look fresh and perfect with my eye make up. kekeke #slapped

Captured with ring flash, room lightning. Topped on Candy Doll Lipstick in Ramune Pink.
Perfect pale pink gyaru lips, yey! Do you want to achieve this lip make up too? ♡

sorry I must pose like this on this post, haha so you can see the lip gloss effect! Mustmust have lip gloss.

☆ Overall ☆
Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milk is the color that I use the most on my lip make up. It's clear and can look good with other pink lipstick. The pigmentation is really good too because it has concealer in it.

You still can use concealer before apply this lipstick if your natural lip color is dark. I don't need any concealer anymore because my natural lip color is pale pink.

Lipstick+Lipgloss is enough to create juicy milky lips like tsu-chan.

☆ Where To Get ?
Soooooo, you must be curious where I got Candy Doll products. Well, I got my Candy Doll products from BlingAlways, online store based in Singapore!

They specialize in selling popular Japanese skin care/cosmetics products. So, If you love Japanese products too can buy from them! Feel free to visit their website and check all their products, all really interesting! If you live in Indonesia? Don't worry they ship worldwide (/^▽^)/ (/^▽^)/

Please note these few things :

❤ All their website pricing is SGD.
❤ For purchase over SGD100.00 , Free Air Mail which the delivery take 5-8 days (Not for liquid items)

 They accept paypal.
 To meet up in Singapore, can be arrange.

♪ What I like 
. pigmented
. already has concealer
. cute colors
. can create milky and juicy lips
. show on picture
. not too sticky
. cute packaging

♪ What I don't like 
. can leave white mark if apply to much
. need to re-apply every 3 hours

Wheeeww, finally it's done! hahaha I really want to try new Candy Doll lip treatment, lip stick and lip gloss, Pink Poodle and Pink Passion. Let's see if I can try it next time~ Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend! see ya~~ (-^〇^-)


tingting said...

very cute!

Lauren renturquise said...

Prettyyyy XD
Warna lip gloss nya juga bagus, almost nude ya di bibir

Vicky n Jennifer said...

It looks soo cute on you! :)

Jenny Pitkänen said...

waah you are so pretty ^_^

Unknown said...

They're both so nice on you! C:

kittencuddler.blogspot. com

Rosa Milímetros de Mercurio said...

Damn, I love gyaru nude pale lips!! I alays use a pale pink + white lipstick to create it >.<

eKai said...

yay! so envy of your candy doll lip look ssooooo kawaii XD

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sisy anissa said...

i have this lipgloss in cotton candy. i think its quite nice but not so special. like you said, its really sticky but pretty pigmented. i like that it doesn't sink into lip lines so it created a very nice juicy lips effect XD

really love your hair, btw! kkkk

Raquel Pinheiro said...

This looks really nice, i really want macarron pink! But is so expensive :( I got cotton candy for 10,30 USD at sasa :x now i'm waiting for macaron pink on stock x.x

♔cominica♔ said...

thanks :*

♔cominica♔ said...

iya lip glossnya lucuu haha

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thanks dear :*

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thank you ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

I love gyaru nude lips too <3

♔cominica♔ said...

haha thank you!

♔cominica♔ said...

hhahah yeahh, I think they're pretty good <3 , thanks !

♔cominica♔ said...

yeah :( , I love macaroon pink too <3

MissLaven said...

I'm really not a fan of lipgloss but these look really nice. Especially because they contain concealer. Will put them on my wish list ^_^

vivi lin said...

I want to try the candy doll lip gloss.. but I'm afraid it will give the sticky feeling when kissing TT ^ TT ....

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Cindy Permata said...

hello... di foto terakhir kamu pake upper lash apa comi? you looks so cute...;)

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