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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

C&C Curry Rice in Japan

In Japan, beside the fashion and make up, what else do you need to try? The foods! And what we must try is original Curry Rice in Japan, カレーKare is one of the most popular dishes in Japan so I can't help my self to try!

That cold morning when we walked around Ikebukuro, we found this Curry Shop. We were so hungry and without thinking twice we just quickly enter the store. (。♥‿♥。)ノ

The store isn't too big but it's comfortable inside. This little store filled with busy working people, they eat really fast and The Waiter serve so fast too, lol. We ate really slow hahahha and I feel The Waiter gave us few glances to check if we finished or not lol /sorry

see? it's hard to captured him because he moves so fast lol he does almost everything like serving foods, cleaning and counting the bill.

some menus to choose and the explanation but too bad they're all in Japanese ;_____;

Jaaaang!! Don't worry because C&C have Vending Machine lol and if you don't understand you can ask The Waiter. He speaks a little english lol I feel saved :v

And I ordered this yummy Hamburg Cheese Curry Rice, looks so nice haha the price is 580 yen per portion but I added cheese so there's additional price but I forgot (º____º)

If the curry rice in Jakarta taste a bit salty, this one is a bit sweet and the kare is thicker.

The portion is so big, I couldn't finish everything @__@. I should order one and share it with my sister... ukh ( ─︿─ )

I'm not a fan of Rice but in Japan the rice taste so good, so fluffy and soft. The burger and cheese also good but the Kare isn't my favourite lol. But I managed to finish everything because it tastes quite good (actually) XD

You can check their website here to see all their shops and if you visit Japan maybe you can try C&C Curry Shop too! lol see you  (ノ◕ ω◕)ノ

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