Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CANMAKE Mix Eyebrow Review

Eyebrow is one most important element in make up. With eyebrow make up we can change our image and our face like what we want. For example if we want to look a bit fierce and mature, we can draw our eyebrow higher on the end and thiner.

There're many eye brow products out there, the most populer one probably the pencil type because it's practical dan easy to use. But recently I really like one eyebrow product from Canmake. It's Canmake Mix Eyebrow, a new innovation for eyebrow product with palette form like an eyeshadow pact.

Canmake has released 4 different colors and I got my self two colors of them. They're no.1 and no.2.

Palette no.1 / Yellow Brown is a yellowish brown color palette that blends well into our skin. It's a perfect color for those with bright colored hair. I usually use the lightest color for highlight on my eyebrow bone and light shading for my nose, it's a soft and pretty light beige color.

If use on a bleached eyebrow the result is really natural, suits for light colored hair. The color is buildable :)

Below is palette no.2, a Natural Brown color. This palette can be use for all kind of make up because of the natural brown color and it suits most kind of natural hair color.

I use the middle & darkest color the most because my current hair tone is medium. The lightest color is suit for nose shading and I lovee it so much! I'm happy finally I found the perfect shade for my nose shading, the colour suits my skin tone perfectly haha.

It comes with a pointy tip applicator and soft brush. I use the pointy tip for draw my eyebrow and the brush for the highlight and shading. Quite handy but this kind of eyebrow product needs sometimes to draw the eyebrow.

Honestly, I bought them randomly at Matsumoto Kiyoshi while waiting for the rain to stop. And I didn't regret it. I can use both palette for my eyebrow make up and also nose shading! I can mix some of the colours for gradation look to make my eyebrow look more natural. hehe

This eyebrow has a moist texture which is not too powdery so it stays quite well on my skin. I think this product is really useful because I can use it not only for eyebrow but also can shading my nose. The result is more natural than the pencil type.

I really recommend this eyebrow if you want a natural eyebrow look and a multi function product. The price is super affordable, it's only 600 yen before tax! Less than 70.000 idr /shocked! 100% worth the price :)


Cominica said...

I agree with you. The eyebrows is one of the most important part of the make up. I know well this produce and I love it. Nice review. :3

Bai, Shiki

Cominica said...

I like products from Canmake! Your eyebrows look amazing!


Cominica said...

Looks like a really great product! I like that you can use it not only for your eyebrows but shading, too!
Celestial Love

Cominica said...

I like how there's multiple shades so you can really blend it to suit your needs! Canmake products are always so affordable and practical :)

Mia - Rainbow Road

Cominica said...

This sounds like a really great product. I guess they don't sell it where I live because I never heard of it and honestly - it's kind of hard to find powdery eyebrow products that work for me, where I live :/
The palettes have really nice, natural shades and look really great on your skin.
Your update actually reminded me that I need to bleach my eyebrows again (it's such a pain orz)

Natasha said...

I've never tried powder eyebrow product but this sounds nice! ^^

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Cominica said...

That's super cheap for Canmake!!
Need one NOW!


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