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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Parent's Heart

I will never know the heart of my parent until I become a parent my self. Sometimes, I wondered about their love language. There're many kinds of parents, for their childrens, they will always be their best parents.

I always make sure to spend time with them especially my mom, because I grew up with her. She influenced me with many wisdoms, she's a spiritual woman. I know I don't have many times left to spend with them like before, I'm going to leave soon. But nevertheless, they will always be in my heart.

Dad might be a reserved person for a people who don't know him personally. Everyone knows he's a fighter and a successful person, but only us who knows his silly side. Sometimes I don't understand his love, he is so old school and I don't get along with him too well but we can have fun together once in a while.

Mom's love is unconditional and selfless. I rarely meet a woman like her, so devoted to her husband and children. So sincere to all people who know her, she has no enemy and she has no hatred in her heart. Other woman might think she's too kind or too patient, but she's the true fighter in family. If there was no her, there's no us today.

I remember I asked mom once:
"Mom, are you proud of us?"

She said, "Mom always pray to God, hoping all my children will grow to a kind person and people who understand others. I am now very grateful to God for what I have, three good and loving children. Though many people don't understand you guys, but I know, I know all of you will always be there if I need help. That makes me proud and that's enough."

I have spend most of my life with my family and that was my home made happiness. Though I always have different perspective and thought, I'm glad they want to understand. I want to appreciate them in my own way, I know they sacrifice their life so much for us and their family. They always put their children above their own selfish needs and wants.

They're not a perfect parents and I'm not a perfect child, but our love is greater than anything else.

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