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Monday, June 08, 2015


Hello ladies, I'm going to share about my current favorite false lashes today. Eyemazing is an affordable false lashes brand in Japan. I got 5 pairs of the same false lashes design in 1 box, in the past I only got 3 pairs!. Eyemazing have so many different false lashes designs to choose based on your liking.

I picked Eyemazing in No. 003 because I love pointy design like this, it makes my eyes looks bigger and rounder. It is not too dramatic and suits my everyday make up. There's a small gap between the pointy feather with thin criss cross design, this is to balance the whole pointy design.

☆ Quality :
The feather is made from synthetic hair so it's quite stiff honestly. And the band is a little bit hard to bend and follow my eye shape, but it's really strong and long lasting. I can use this false lashes for more than 20 times.

When I wear this false lashes it looks so natural and not dramatic. It's not thick and messy. The design and cut is neat. The pointy feather is thicker on the middle so it's good to make your eyes look bigger and cuter.

I still hate the fact that the band is stiff and sometimes the edge of the False lashes band can poke my eyes, lol. Nevertheless this is still my favorite false lashes at the moment because I really love the effect given to my eyes. hehe

I'm not sure if you can get Eyemazing outside Japan cos I got mine at Donki. But I think some online shops probably have it. I really hope this brand can come to Indonesia in the future because they have so many false lashes design to choose. It'll be great!

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