Friday, March 13, 2015

Summer Song

A sunny day, I'm thinking about warm flowery outfit for my day. I'm dying for this fresh peach colour, calming yet bright. Don't you think so? ;D

A lot of people said I look chubbier, lol yes I gained 3kg and haven't thought about diet yet. Maybe I need to start a weight loss program soon hahaha :)

If you don't know yet, I've started a new online store with my eternal partner Vinamayu. This store named MACO official and it sells imported kawaii clothes from overseas with affordable price.

I moved Komikomi collection from Comicou to MACO because I want to focus on handmade and original clothes for my Comicou. So if you're interested in affordable kawaii clothes kindly visit MACO's official facebook and instagram, Thank You! º◡º

The Flowery Lace Top I'm wearing is from MACO, this top is imported from HK and the store is selling clothes similar with LizLisa. LizLisa is too expensive to sell in Indonesia so I try to bring some similar items to MACO, maybe some girls will love it just like me :)

I really love this Fleur Top, it's stretchable and easily fit on my body. The length also perfect and comfortable to wear even though it's made from Lace. I brought 3 colours in, peach, blue and lilac, all in pastel color.

I wear this Fleur top with my handmade Muriel skort from Comicou, I swear it was a bit hard to sew this layered skort because I want to make them even! I made few Muriel Skorts for sale on Comicou so kindly visit the store If you're interested! They're still in stock (///◡//)

I add a cute round hat on my coordinate that day before my casual hang-out with Vina, feel so energised and girly hahahha. What do you think about this coordination ladies? I hope you like it, hehe have a nice day and thanks for always reading!

Thanks for your support ≧◡≦


Cominica said...

As usual I'm in love with your outfit again <33 Your fashion sense is adorable~!

Cominica said...

super cute <3 love ur outfit hehe


Cominica said...

You don't look chubby at all! Just really good♡

The outfit is also really cute!*^^*

Cominica said...

Congats on opening the store.
Also, your sewing really paid off.
The skorts look amazing.
And so do you!

Cominica said...

the dress is so cute :3

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