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Thursday, March 12, 2015

DUP Eyelashes Glue Super Hard

As a false lashes lover I always looking for the best eyelash glue for my eyes. I've tried so many brands, from cheap to expensive ones, each of them have their own good & bad sides. This time I want to share about one new brand that I tried. It's D.U.P Eyelashes Glue super hard in Clear Type.

This glue has that kind of regular packaging and not too decorative. Looks not cute enough? lol (   ิټ ิ)

After I finished my eyelash fix from Diamond Beauty, I quickly open this glue. This is Eyelash Glue from DUP in Super Hard Type. I know this eyelash glue from kanno yui-chan, she seems really like this glue and so I feel curious lol.

I'm a hardcore fan of Japanese eyelash glue because they have a good pointy applicator so we can control the amount of glue we want. I usually put more on the edge because that area need special attention, my watery eyes can make the false lashes suddenly detached. ─︿─

The texture isn't dense and sticky, comes in white color, it needs sometimes to dry. Prepare yourself to blow it few times haha. After dry the glue will turns clear so you don't need to worry. º◡º

At first I find this glue is quite hard to attach on my eyes then I realize that the formula is quite same like Dolly wink. I need to wait for few seconds before apply the false lashes on my eyes. Wait until the glue is half dry is the perfect timing to stick it.

Actually it biggest feature is that because the glue need sometimes to dry so if we accidentally stick the false lashes in wrong place, we can always re-stick the false lashes quickly and the glue still sticky. I've faced that kind of situation too sometimes so I think it's quite helpful.

Even though D.U.P claimed that this glue stays really long on our eyes (because this one is super hard), I find that my Diamond Beauty Eyelash Fix is stay longer! I feel quite disappointed because D.U.P is more expensive so I suspect for better staying power, am I wrong? ˃⌓˂ 

One good point is D.U.P is easier to clean than Diamond Beauty, so my false lashes can stay in a good shape. I can use my eyelashes few times longer because this glue isn't really break my false lashes like Diamond Beauty.

But I don't recommend D.U.P because it can't stay that long on my eyes, I find my eyelashes start to detached after 4 hours.. really annoying because I have to touch up often. Disappointed (っ﹏-)

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