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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm

My lips need extra moisture because it dries quickly. I always in a cold AC room that's why my Lips always get dry often. I must bring Lip balm everywhere I go.

I accidentally found this Lip balm from Clinique when I was checking out their skin care and thought to give them a try. I'll share about them today!

from left to right; Oversized Orange, Graped-Up, Richer Raisin, Fuller Fig, Voluptuous Violet

There're some interesting things I found about this lip balm. It's a super-nourishing balm loaded with natural mango oil and shea butters. The oils and butters relieve dry and cracked lips, provide immediate and long term moisturization.

It also contain vitamin E that helps protect our lips from dryness and environmental damage. My lips is very dry and I think maybe I should give it a try.

This lip balm is really sheer, light weight and quite buidable, making it a user friendly option from a beauty novice. It's perfect for everyday application.

Oversized Orange, Graped-Up, Richer Raisin, Fuller Fig, Voluptuous Violet

You can see that they all really hydrating and have a good pigment for a moisturizing Lip Balm (except for the voluptuous violet). The colors are buildable but so sheer, if you want a natural lip colour for everyday you'll love this. (maybe) 

For people who rarely wear Lipstick and find that Lip gloss is too gloopy, this product is for you! It has more pigment than normal Lip balm but still feels moisturising on my lips. I also found it's okay to use this lip balm before Lipstick or after Lipstick, really handy. 

I think the formula is really good, it's creamy, hydrating, sooting and gives slight hint of shine and color. After sometimes my lips still feel a little bit moisturized even though the hue isn't that visible anymore. One minus is that it doesn't contain SPF, too bad!

Oversized Orange, it turns to pretty peach colour on my natural pale pink lip colour. 
sorry for any discoloration near my lip, I didn't wear any make up lol.

Graped up is a dark berry color, turns like a natural berry colour on my natural pale pink lips. I love this colour the most.

Richer Raisin, a dark brown colour tone turns like a natural lip colour, 
please note that I didn't use any lip concealer before.

Fuller Fig, the colour looks so similar like Richer Raisin but lighter and look like dusty pink. This is the most favourite colour for natural lip look and I think it suits most skin tone. Mom's favourite colour!

Voluptuous Violet, okay this colour is look so different from the packaging.
I thought the result will be like dark purple, but on my natural lips it looks
like pale violet lol :/ maybe I need to build the color more..

The price is a little bit expensive but they have good quality because they're made from natural oils and butter, not mineral oil. So it's different from drug store lip balm, I also have some drug store lip balms but sometimes they can be addictive and drying in long terms use.. ˃⌓˂

For the pigment is so-so, you can get cheaper tinted lip balm with same pigment. If you have the budget, consider to get this tinted lip balm, I think you'll love it cos they're so hydrating~ but compared to the price I think it's not that worth it haha.

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