Monday, March 16, 2015

Rabbit in Wonderland

If I had a world on my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't..

Everyone have their own world and my world is full of kawaiiness, I want to be lost in my wonderland. My outfit concept today is wonderland, everything is magical and lovely.

I wear "Rabbit Top" from MACO this time, I found this cute wonderland top from a harajuku seller in HK. Then I decided to import them because they look super cute and fun. There're two colors available, peach and blue. :)

For the bottom, I wear my short peach skirt from Wonder Rocket. I bought this in Harajuku for 3500 yen, it's around $28.8 / 379.900 idr, quite affordable but the skirt doesn't have lining..

I styled my hair with my favorite natural wave, I haven't dye my hair again because I run out of hair bleach lol and I'm so lazy to go to Salon. I try to find a free time to visit a Hair Salon to bleach my hair again..

My bag is from a store in HK, I bought it around $37 (almost 500.000 idr). It is so cute and I can use it as a camera bag hehe :)

In the end I wear the 'peach' one to hang out because I was in a rush. Actually the blue is so cute too but that day the weather is so hot and I think the peach one would make me hotter LOL, kidding la I where got hot :(

Rabbit Top | MACO
Bag | HK
Lip | MAC


Cominica said...


Cominica said...

Great post! So inspiring photos, princess!

May be you'd like to follow each other&? Let me know^^

Maggie from

Cominica said...

Very cute!!

Cominica said...

Soo adorable


Cominica said...

Your bag is adorable!

Cominica said...

Super cute! I love the bag :3

Kiyomoi ♥

Cominica said...

your overall outfit is super kawaii x

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