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Thursday, February 05, 2015

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Speak Louder

Hey ladies, I'm back with a make up review again. I just finished some projects so I managed to bloggin before I sleep. Btw, I'm not really a fan of MAC but I find they have wide selections of Lipstick's color and that makes me excited.

Honestly, I accidentally bought this lipstick. When I was in Hong Kong i just think to buy a Red or Dark Purple Lipstick. But when I tried swatching some colors on my hand, this dark pink shade makes me fell in love instantly!

This lipstick named speak louder, a unique name. It comes in black colour packaging with warm tone and a little shimmer on the surface. It looks classy.

Speak Louder is a clean poppy blue pink. The pink color is dark and has blue tone so it looks a little bit fushcia. But when I applied this on my lips, the result is slightly red and bright!

I know you can see the shine on the surface already LOL

with flash

This lipstick has a soft texture, it is creamy and pigmented. It is saturated but can go on thin or bold as I want. Even though this is a bright color, it doesn't look tacky at all.

It feels moisturising on my lips at first but after few hours it feels a bit dry but still okay if I re-apply the lipstick. And the most important thing I like is it doesn't stain on glass if I drink!! The color also stay long on my lips if I eating, lol.

without flash in a room lighting (20% dark)

It slightly has a subtle shine and doesn't it looks like a blue pink? I don't know if it's because of my fair skin or my neutral room lighting. Anyway if you have a dry lip, I recommend to wear a lip balm before. It doesn't drying though but just in case if your lips is in a bad condition. 

I would recommend this lipstick because of the good quality, if I could give it a rating then I would give it 4.5 starsFor the color, I think it depends on your taste because I know not everyone likes and dare to use bold color like this. But if you like bright one I think you'll love this!

Took this selfie under neutral lighting with my front iphone cam, it makes my lips look fuller and shaped.

Another close up photo with the lipstick, this was under cloudy sunlight and taken without flash. 

So what's your favorite lipstick colour? I wanted to buy dark purple/dark red colour because I think it will looks good with my make up or a bright coral or bright red will be cool too, lol.

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