Saturday, August 24, 2013

Barbie Choco big lens

Hello everyone! Sorry for my late post about this circle lens, many people asked me already about this because recently I wore them a lot in my photos. ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

I'm not really into this kind of mono-tone circle lens, I usually wear 2/3 tones colour lens because it looks better with my hair colour. But because of my new part time job at mmk cafe, I want this circle lens so my eyes can look bigger and gives that innocent girl look. lol moe all the way? (▰˘◡˘▰) (please don't vomit la HAHA)

Let me introduce you Barbie lens big eye series from Uniqso, this is my first time to try this brand. I was looking for all chocolate colour circle lens without visible pattern (not black one) and so happy I found this pair at Uniqso, kindly visit this link to see the product. 

☆ Information
Made in Korea (Dueba)
Water content : 38%
Diameter : 16.5mm , effect 17.5mm
Base curve : 8.6mm
Life span : 1 year

☆ Color : (9/10)
Chocolate, is a mono-tone colour which contain only one colour. I prefer chocolate colour over black one because it looks less scary and alien, lol. Black one looks so ulzzang-ish to me. (๑ ิټ ิ)

I'm happy that the colour is exactly like what I wanted (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و

☆ Pattern : (8/10)
It doesn't has a specific pattern because it supposed to make our eyes look BIG, so the thick chocolate colour ring is the main point. But I wish this pair can has that soft teary eyes look, so my eyes can look bling bling~ hahahha o(*≧▽≦)o

☆ Comfort : (8/10)
So-so, quite comfortable IMO. The contact lens it self is quite thick and when put it on my eyes I need to blink few times so it can fit my eyes. (⊙_◎) 

I think that because this contact lens diameter is quite big, the biggest size I've ever wear beside summerbabydoll lens. I usually wear 14.5mm-15mm everyday, lol. 

But I can wear this contact lens up to 8 hours without any eye drop. It feels a little bit dry though, it is better if I take out the contact lens first, then wash and put it again in my eyes. #lazy

☆ Enlargement : (9/10)
Big enough for my small eyes. Hahahha, for some people with wide and big eyes, probably doesn't get the same effect as me. This circle lens gives a real enlargement to my eyes, but doesn't look like alien because of the chocolate colour, hohohoho  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

It makes my eyes look so dolly in real until I feel a little weird when look at my self in the mirror, lol! I'm not sure about the 17.5mm effect but my eyes already look so big la, so I don't really measure it. kekeke

Some pictures with flash~

Without flash, took with my phone~ , notice my new hair color? :3


☆ Overall :
This circle lens is what I need to achieve the bigger eyes effect I want for my next job, lol.  It doesn't has any specific pattern or other colour on it so it won't look too over on my eyes. If you don't like colourful lens, you will love this simple lens.

It's comfortable on my eyes and doesn't hurt, can be quite dry in AC room so make sure to bring your contact lens solution around. (๑˜้ี з˜้ี )

You can try this circle lens if you aim for a bigger eyes look like me! You can try the black one though if you prefer more darker colour. 

with filter, lol

☆ Where to get?
I got my Barbie lens at Uniqso, kindly check their store. They have a promotion going on~

Thanks for reading and see yaaaa~~ Will post about my trip again soon!


Miss Ehara's Closet said...

wow,,you looks very pretty, like a doll <3 I will try this lens,,this one looks very natural,,i love big lens,,i usually wear lens with diameter 21.80 from baby-colour <3

(*≧▽≦)Hanachi♪ said...

waa baguss circle lens nya :o harus dicoba jg nih. hihii

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

Oh this lens looks really cute and natural on you!

dina chen said...

cute lens ce ><
tapi ga terlalu yakin kalo aku mau coba, diameternya kelewat besar -.-

Aria said...

im personally not a fan of the monotone look either. it just gives my eyes a one big pupil look bc i have very dark eyes and can never pull it off. however, this looks amazing on you! you do your makeup so well!!

Yuki. said...

You are sooo cute! ^^ Those circle lenses are awesome~

Emi Doll (恵美) said...

Lovely natural lenses ^^ Suits you so well!!

Light said...

That look very natural and beautiful on dark eyes, I very like the result! (In mine it will not suit at all, I have light eyes hehehe)

cottonkuma said...

whoa rather than gyaru look this one really gives you ulzzang look!

Apple said...

i knew i shouldve purchased choco, thanks for sharing your throughts on this cominica! i want natural looking lens with big looking diameter. =)

Unknown said...

Omg you are Super Super cute! I Love you Blog. And These lenses are so awesome *^* please visit my Blog Too :D

katy white said...

They are huge! I think the colour helps them look more natural, they look really pretty :)


Momopodo said...

Look so cute! I used to have really big ones but they were so huge i couldnt even wear them! haha~

Cominica said...

So cute~! *u*

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