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Friday, April 05, 2013

Kkcenterhk Pointed End Glamour false lashes! LOVE

Lately I love to wear this kind of false lashes. A lot of readers and friends asked about this false lashes (///∇//). Some thought Eyemazing or Diamond lash because this lashes is a bit dramatic and thick, unlike the dolly wink lashes for sure!

But of course I already give a little hint on my instagram fotd with the hashtag #kkcenterhk, lol. So, what makes me love this false lashes?? ❤

☆ Quality :
First, let me talk about the quality. If you curious about the band, then don't worry it's really easy to bend and follow my eye line even though it's not clear! But, the band can be a little itchy on the inner corner of my eyes, so my suggestion is don't put it too close to your inner eye. ≧△≦

The feather is a bit stiff on some part, but overall it's fine imho. It just as you know, this isn't a high quality false lashes so when clean the lashes please be careful. I accidentally pull the feather off on the inner part LOL and that's after I wear it for multiple times. (around 3 times) ⊙w⊙

☆ Design :
Aha Σ(゚Д゚|||)! The thing that makes me really love this false lashes is the thick and long spiky feather. What makes it more special is the criss cross thin feather between it, kekekeke. This design is look similar like Eyemazing 001 / Jewerich 02. (`∀´)ノ

The middle is super long and can make my eyes look super super dolly! It just I need to extend the end with another false lashes, hehe. I think it's personal taste though, some people might think this is too much~

☆ Affordable!
Instead of getting those expensive Japanese false lashes with similar design, I rather buy this for stock! Hahahaha, It's not as soft as Eyemazing though, but seriously it's worth the penny. Beside that, I got 10 pairs in 1 box which I think it's very nice for saved the money for false lashes glue or other. (///д//)

On this picture I only use the false lashes without any added false lashes.
The lower lashes is from kkcenterhk too! This is the link to the "Product" / "Review".

I wear this lashes for my photo shoot for Comicou~ Why? Because it looks nice on the picture even it's not close up! lol (>д<), see?

I wear the same false lashes almost every time I hang out, lol. This time the lower lashes isn't from kkcenterhk though. Close up! (*゚ロ゚)

☆ What I like :
. the dolly design!
. thick and long, nice for photo
. affordable
. got 10 pairs
. can re-use (about < 10 times)

from my instagram

☆ What I don't like :
. must get it online, lol
. fragile if you don't be careful when clean it
. a bit stiff, can feel a little itchy

☆ Where to get :
You can get this false lashes at "HERE". Make sure to browse other false lashes, they have great and many choices! XD

from my instagram

Thanks for reading ladies! Have a nice day~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ , I hope you like this post, hahah go browse kkcenterhk to find your favorite false lashes! Can search through my blog too on the search box just type kkcenterhk, hope it helps you! See ya! ♥

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