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Friday, April 05, 2013

Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Mask

Hello everyone (≧◡≦)/! How are you? Who has skin problems and dirty pores? This time, I will discuss one product from Etude House. The product range this time is from Wonder Pore, the range of product that claim as an easy solution for our pores. (◕‿◕✿)

The Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask is a cleansing mask that is used as a total pore solution. The Wonder Pore Series have 7 abilities in 1: Deep Cleanses Pores, Maintain ph 4.5+1, Control a Large amount of the sebum, Minimize appearance of pores, Refine the skin tones, Keep elasticity of pores, and Moisture them. I already reviewed about the Wonder Pore freshner in this post and I love it so so much~ I've been using this clay mask for a while so I think now it's the time to give a review!

I love the refreshing and clean design from this series! (。♥‿♥。)

☆ Packaging :
Made from a plastic which is thick and thin. The surface is glossy and look smooth. Each purchase get a spatula which is used to take the clay mask so it remain clean and hygiene.

☆ Texture :
As you can see it looks a bit nasty, lol. It looks like has a bit bubbles inside the clay mask, I'm not sure if this only happen to me. But when apply, the bubbles is gone when the mask is spread throughout my skin.

☆ Free of artificial ingredients :
It is free of parabens, talc, mineral oils and artificial fragrances and color which are harmful to the skin. 

☆ Formula :
This product claim can cleans our pores so can avoid skin problems. If our pores clean, of course our skin will be clean too. But, I think this clay mask is too drying on my skin. I can only use it once a week or my skin can become super dry and exfoliate by itself.

I think this clay mask can only cleans my pores and prevent it from clogged pores. Beside that it doesn't minimize my pores and make it look less visible. It does control sebum around my nose though but doesn't last long.

I only dare to use it on my nose area and chin, other than that is a big no for me because my cheek area is dry.

One more thing, it's really hard to get off щ(゜ロ゜щ).

☆ Good for :
Oily skin or super oily skin with dirty pores and a lot of skin problems.

Now that you have read about my review above, I don't recommend this clay mask for normal to dry skin. If you have a combination skin like me, you can use it but I recommend to use it only on nose and chin. Don't use it near eye and eyebrow area~ (my skin become really dry and looks flaky after use this clay mask near my eyebrow area). (º____º)

☆ What I like :
。cleans my pores
。reduce skin problems such as whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes

☆ What I don't like :
。dry my skin
。hard to clean/get off
。can't minimize pores

So that is my experience about this clay mask, what do you think? Have you ever tried this product? I really love to use clay mask because it's good for oily and troubled skin. Compared to this, I prefer to use Innisfree because it does not make my skin dry. However, Wonder Pore is great to cleanse the pores especially dirt which is a bit difficult to clean. (  ︶ ▽ ︶ )

I got mine at Lovely Pinky Store <-- Check it out~

Thanks for reading ladies, have a nice day~~! (*≧▽≦)ノ

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