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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones Green Lens Review

Hellooooo everyone!\(//∇//)\ Anyone looking for a Blue color lens? 

So today, I'm going to share about a blue Green color lens from Dolly Eye. I rarely wear other color lens beside Brown and Green, hahah not because I don't like other colors. But not all color lens looks good on me and color lens usually has only 2 tones. I love 3 tones color lens because it looks more natural~♥ 

And you know, there aren't many 3 tones contact lens in the market. And my all time favorite design for 3 tones lens beside Princess mimi is Puffy Series. This Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones Blue usually known as Shiny Blue, Let's see! ;D

This model is manufactured by Dueba and labelled under DollyEye watermark.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Kkcenterhk Pointed End Glamour false lashes! LOVE

Lately I love to wear this kind of false lashes. A lot of readers and friends asked about this false lashes (///∇//). Some thought Eyemazing or Diamond lash because this lashes is a bit dramatic and thick, unlike the dolly wink lashes for sure!

But of course I already give a little hint on my instagram fotd with the hashtag #kkcenterhk, lol. So, what makes me love this false lashes?? ❤

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I.Fairy Almond Brown

Hello (/^▽^)/~ Today, I'm going to share my favorite natural dolly lens at the moment. I got this circle lens from Lens Village. I always love I.Fairy because they have many colorful lens with great pattern. But, this time I want a circle lens that can make me look dolly but not over like Alien. You know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu right? I was looking for a circle lens which similar like the one she wear.(///∇//)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geo Xtra Flower Bonaire Blue

Hellooooooo ladies(≧∇≦)/  !! How are you?? Lol, I'm so busy with comicou now and that makes me don't have time for writing review ≧△≦. But, I'm back! For now.. Hahahha, now I'm going to share a quick review about new Circle lens I got from Mukuchu. They have SALE on their website now, please kindly check it out!

They sent me Geo Xtra Flower Bonaire Blue for review purpose. I never tried this series before from Geo because the color look not really obvious. My eyes is super dark so I need brighter color lens, lol. But let's see how it look on my eyes. Ne? (///∇//)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Geo Big Grang Grang Chocolate

Hello, I'm back with another Circle Lens review ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. This time is sponsored by Mukuchu, they kindly sent this new Grang Grang series to me. Thanks God, I got the Chocolate color from them because I already had the Brown one! XD , Please kindly check their website here, their store is based in Australia. Beside of Circle Lens, they sell Japanese fashion too!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite False Lashes Pairs (Part 1)

There're many people asked me, what is my favorite false lashes pair for hang out. Some of them want to know which false lashes I use the most. I'm going to share 3 of them here, with pictures. I start with a popular brand first on this post :p

Let's check it out~! 。◕‿◕。

1. Dolly Wink no.2 Sweet Girly and Dolly Wink no. 5 Real Nude.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Barbie Eye (Princess) Lace Black

Hello ladies! Today, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these super black and big circle lenses. I got these lenses a few months back, though honestly, I can't quite remember why. Maybe it was because they were affordable. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of black circle lenses as they tend to make me look a bit childish and, well, a tad odd. Maybe it's because my eyes are on the smaller side. Anyway, let's dive into the review!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

KKCENTERHK A111 False Lashes Review

Hello lovely ladies! (≧∇≦)/ . I want to make a sponsored review from, they kindly sent me this A111 ES 10 Pairs Clear Band Dense Fake Lashes , a natural but long false lashes to try. This fake lashes really makes my eyes look BIG but not to dramatic, and I can cut the edge and modified it become lower lashes too. So, Let's see!

image from kkcenterhk

The band is clear and the lashes is so soft not stiff, even my sister said it's soft and look natural. And on the box I spotted it's made in Korea, well I didn't expect this. I thought this probably made in China or Taiwan. hehe

At first time saw this lashes I think the result will be too natural for me, seriously I didn't expect it will gives a big eye effect. And when I apply this false lashes I blink several times and look that my eyes look bigger but still look natural. I can use this without cutting it into 3 parts. I always cutting false lashes into 3 parts if it's too heavy for everyday look, but I don't need to do that. I cut the edge so the False lashes fit my eyes, then I use the small part for my bottom lashes.

Let's see how it look on my eyes. I'm using Princess mimi contact lens, you can see the review on my previous post ^-^)v here

it looks natural without the bottom lashes (lol forgive me)

I add two bottom lashes again after making that Princes mimi brown review and after pick up my friend, because I think I look a lil weird. Don't you think so? I think I really need to trim this bottom lashes again. lol

What do you think? It looks too long for my small eyes, yeah this supposed to be a upper lashes, baka me. But, I really really love this look. If I look my self from far away my eyes look like a doll. And of course lotsa cam-whoring pictures after this  (゜∀゜)  (゜∀゜) beware

What else I like about this false lashes is that I can modified it to bottom lashes since the band is clear and soft, but because my eyes not really big so it looks to heavy for my eyes, but I still love it, it looks so dolly. 

I looked so chubby here  (ノTДT) , beside of that False lashes, I really love my lips color here ⊙▽⊙ #slappedMySelf  ( ̄ー ̄)\\

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Clear band
✩ Natural long look
✩ Soft and not stiff
✩ I can modified it become lower lashes
✩ Inexpensive! You got 10 pairs in 1 box
✩ Can be Re-Use
✩ Makes my eyes look big but not over

♔ HATE ♔
✩ The clear band not thin


If you love this false lashes too, you can purchase it at They have so many choices of lashes, from really natural one to a really dramatic one. Beside that, you can get colour palette, mascaras, nail polish, wigs and many more things! So, what are you waiting for? (^▽^)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Geo XCK105 Dolly Black Lens Review and Circle Lens Haul

Yaay, finally my new Geo lens coming~ ^O^ All this lenses are not mine, mine is only 1 pair, Super nudy brown. 2 of this lenses are my sister's, and the rest are her friend's.
There are nudy blue, nudy brown, magic circle, super nudy grey and super nudy brown.
Geo Medical Lens from Korea


Nudy Brown

Nudy Blue

Super nudy Grey

As you can see, nudy brown(14mm) and super nudy brown(14.8mm) has a big difference. Nudy brown which has a more nude color and super nudy brown which the colour is more darker than nudy brown.

I haven't try super nudy brown, but I think the comfort is same as super nudy grey which I have.


Geo Super dolly black

This black circle lens has 14.7mm diameter.
code XCK 105

See the difference? It's huge!

updated:Here's my random pictures when wearing this circle lens.

This lens is make your eyes look more bigger, black and dolly look. You can put make up on to make it more uljjang look. But, be careful to not look like alien 8D
This lens is kinda thick than Super nudy lens, but still comfortable. I always use contact lens while i was watching movie in the cinema, and It still okay.

Overall rating:
Comfort : 8/10
Color : 9/10 (very black)
Design : 8/10


Today, finally I was eating at Soto Haji Mamat again!! I was sick from last two days and it was really bad. Im lazy to go to a doctor, but I felt so so sick and finally went to a doctor. It's more better now.
Soto Haji Mamat is located at Gading Serpong.
Imagine how delicious is this?? yuummmmmm! It's like stir-fry meat with onion and a bowl of soto soup with coconut milk. It was sooo goood!!! I eat everything, HAHA!

After that, My BF went to cut his hair and bought a cup of frozen yogurt. Then we sat and talked about our wishlist, lol. Looks like my wishlist is won, because I really want many things right now.

This is the place where we talked. It was really peaceful there.

Frozen yogurt, luv it! Lovely dessert. But I didn't eat it today coz my throat didn't feel well.

Posing, with no make up on :p just wore casual t-shirt that day, hahahhahahah
My hubby! with his new hair, lol.  His old hair was look like Justin Bieber!wtf XD

Thanks for reading!

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