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Friday, April 05, 2013

Kkcenterhk Pointed End Glamour false lashes! LOVE

Lately I love to wear this kind of false lashes. A lot of readers and friends asked about this false lashes (///∇//). Some thought Eyemazing or Diamond lash because this lashes is a bit dramatic and thick, unlike the dolly wink lashes for sure!

But of course I already give a little hint on my instagram fotd with the hashtag #kkcenterhk, lol. So, what makes me love this false lashes?? ❤

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ES 10 Pairs Handmade Luxuriant Spiky Tail Eyelashes (Black Stem)

(-^〇^-) I always think Dramatic look false lashes is thick and the hair isn't thin and soft. Don't say to me "Dolly Wink", Dolly Wink isn't dramatic at all, I think it look pretty natural, that's why I love use it for hang out. Yeah, I know some of you may think Dolly Wink is too long and too much for everyday look, except the new Otona Series, hehe.

What I want to review on this post is this ES brand false lashes which I got from kkcenterhk.  When I read from the site, it claimed this false lashes is handmade and has a very thin black stem. However, see how they look in the box is kinda turn me off because of the full look design. I thought it maybe too much for my eyes. (;¬_¬)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Diamond Lash Princess Eye x Trying Ageha look -_-

Hello ladies!! Finally, I can try Diamond Lash, saw this lashes on many Japanese Magazine, such as Ageha, Egg, Jelly, Popteen, etc etc. And I'm so curious since this lashes is pretty affordable compare to other brand such as Dolly Wink/Jewerich. And got 5 pairs in 1 box too, well more backup isn't that bad. So, about the quality?

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