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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lioele C.A.D Cell Skin

Heyaaaa (。´∀`)ノ, let me share my current toner with all of you! I never skip toner in my daily skin care, it's a must! I always use toner after cleansing my face and wipe in an outward direction to get rid of flakes and impurities. When clean our skin, we don't know if the water we use is hygiene or not (´Д`). Except you use mineral water, but it's expensive. Lol. So, use a toner is help to clean all impurities before we start apply our skin care.

Lioele C.A.D Cell Skin contains 300mg of  Nupercell, Coenzyme Q10 and pearl powder. Nupercell and CoQ10 can rejuvenate skin and pearl powder can brighten it.

The bottle is pump type and I love it because it's more hygiene and not messy. But the bottle is big and heavy lol. When pumping, the liquid is come out sufficiently.

This toner has pearl powder which look like gold powder to me. lol

The texture isn't like water, it's watery but a little bit condensed. When apply on skin it feels moisturizing and not drying. This Skin can prepare my skin before apply essence, so the serum/ampoule/essence is absorb faster.

It has strong scent, I don't really like it (¬д¬。). I prefer no scent at all or just soft scent.

I usually use it with cotton when my skin feel ok. But, if I feel my skin is a bit dry, I use my palm and pat it all over my face.

I use this toner about 2 months now. At first, it didn't work good for me. I guess if my skin condition isn't good, I can't use whitening product. It doesn't has any bad effect though. At least it can moisturizing my skin (¬‿¬). lol XD

After use for 1 month, my skin suddenly become better. I mean the texture, whiteheads, small blemishes is disappear. My pores still look visible though, but my friend told me my skin is really good now.
I'm so happy!(-^〇^-)

Beside this toner, I have the Essence too. I use the essence after apply My Lioele Ampoule. I really love the C.A.D essence better than this toner! IDK if I'm going to review it or not, my blog has too many reviews now, lol. Afraid all of you may get bored (メ`ロ´)/ I want make tutorial soon before my holiday (my laptop is working good now, either hair or make up. Please looking forward (⌒▽⌒ゞ hehehe


♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Moisturizing my skin
✩ Even my skin texture
✩ Comes with pump

✩ Can't use if your skin is in trouble
✩ PRICEY, got it about 390.000 IDR

Best when use with your palm, the warmth can make this toner absorb faster. I usually use my Juju Aloe toner before this with cotton. Then pat this Lioele skin with my palm all over my face, hehe. So complicated ? @_@

I'm not going to purchase this toner again, I'll looking for my old Utena Aloe toner next month, it's cheaper. Lol. 
I probably will looking for new moisturizing toner again when I run out. I hope I can find it in Thailand/KL/Genting. 


Thanks for readiiinggg and Have a lovely weekend!! Don't forget to clean your face thoroughly and apply skin care after that okay. See youuu O(≧▽≦)O!

Btw, I try make over primer in green few days ago and small blemishes appear now ;A; , I think the formula probably too strong for me. :(

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