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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule Whitening Review

Maybe some of you are wondering, what is Ampoule? Ampoule is like a Serum, it has high concentrated ingredients with active effect to skin. Lioele has 4 types of Ampoule if I'm not wrong. Whitening, Moisturizing, Firming and Acne Control. I got the whitening one not because I want to look fairer~~! But I want to get rid of my ACNE SCARS, Dark spots and discoloration on my skin o(╥﹏╥)o . I deperately want a clearer skin, I want when my age reach 30, I don't need to put many foundation or bb cream again on my face, lol. But, my skin usually doesn't match well with whitening product because my skin is sensitive. Using whitening product can cause redness and itch to my skin sometimes. How sad.. ( ≧Д≦)
Ignore that fact, I bravely tried out this product LOLOLOL. I really want to have a clear skin so a trial is a must! *slapped

Do you know whats so attractive from this bottle? Because it's tiny and CUUUTEEEE, so chibiiiiiiii❤ ❤ ❤ ~~! Look at the top of the bottle XD, it looks like a baby milk bottle. LOL. The logo is so pretty too, it's Cinderella's pumpkin~ hahahahha I'm suck when it comes to ⊙▽⊙ 

A little information about this product:

"Blended with Arbutin, vitamin C complex, it changes dark skin due to pigmentation into clear and bright skin tone. and Hyaluronic acid extensively nourishes and hydrates dried and tired skin caused by external environment.".

I guess everyone is already know that Arbutin and Vit C are good ingredients for whitening skin care product. Tell you the truth, I DIDN'T read the information on the box before I buy it, (ノ_ _)ノ wtf! 
I realized it last night when I saw the information on the box for this blog post sake! And it contained VITAMIN C. My skin isn't friendly with Vit C ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ, it tends to make my skin red >___< , I really hate redness because sometimes it feels itchy and hurt. 

I ever asked doctor before, maybe about 5 years ago? Hahahaha She told me because my skin is thin and my pores is big around my cheek and nose, that's why that area often get redness because it sensitive. I asked her too about my dark spots, she said, looking on my skin and texture, it's a, so hopeless?? I don't wantttttttt, I want to keep try get rid of it(」゚ペ)」

Know about the ingredients it made me hesitate to use it regularly.. T___T, but yeah I was so persistent about this Ampoule. I thought this ampoule will help me somehow? Hahahaha, NOT.

My skin wasn't in a good condition when I use this Ampoule. Dry and rough, I thought this Ampoule will make it better! But it wasn't really help lol, probably make it worst?

The first week I use this Ampoule, it works nice~ My skin is look more brighter and clearer. I can see my pores minimize too (;° ロ°)(?) , but after use it for a while I don't know whats the reason that time, but my skin is breakouts reaaaally bad. (((( ;°Д°))))

I captured this with my phone camera. SO SCARY!!!!!!! Small, red and annoying ;A;,
I know my sleep time, eat, bath time was unorganized since last last month. And this is the price of my laziness.

I stopped it about 1 week and my skin wasn't get better. And I USE IT again after stopped it for about 10 days, hahahah because I believe the ampoule wasn't the reason of the redness. And I was right, because I tried to sleep before 12 am and woke up early. I consume a skin supplement too (review on my next post). I Drank more more water, I usually drink a lot of water because I have a 1000ml bottle with me everytime. I increase it up to 3x1000 ml -___-  hahhahaha but it wasn't stay long because I used to drink 1 bottle only XD.

I still use this Ampoule even though sometimes redness/small blemishes appear on my under eye area and cheek. Sometimes, it's not because of this Ampoule, hot weather and room can cause it too, especially if I was sweating. (;¬д¬)

Now I know the reason why this Ampoule can't help my angry skin few few weeks ago. That because I use too much whitening product and lack of sleep+water. Eat unhealthy food and lazy to wash my face when I'm too focused with my work. Hahaha, so I can't really blame this Ampoule for all the bad things. *pat the ampoule

And yeah my skin is getting... better in 1 week XD and I use the Ampoule too that time. But I wasn't sure if this ampoule is helped it, it just make my skin look more brighter and firm.

my skin 2 weeks ago, looked not smooth ;A; and still has many small blemishes

I know it doesn't claimed it can whiten dark spots or lighten acne scars. But, I keep praying when use this Ampoule because it was Pricey!! *slapped (;≧皿≦)

My dark spots still there laugh at mee~~ ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ , but buuuut my acne scars lighten a bit (????) Is that because of this product? I'm not really sure because I use Lioele AC Scars after finish all my skin care. I still want to believe that this TINY little serum help to lighten it too. Hahahahaha.

So, about the clear and bright skin tone part. Clear? Ummmmm~ (︶︹︺)~ YES for the bright skin tone but for the clear part, I can see it after use it for one month now...

I have stop using this ampoule for a while but my skin still breakout, then I know the reason of my breakout now. Lol, not going to tell you now :p *slapped AHAHHAHA  (ノ´∀`*)ノ. 

Now, I still using this Ampoule everyday, day and night then still hoping this will make my dark spots and acne scars gone~( ・_・). About my skin texture, of course it look more even now~ ◕ ‿◕ 

My skin still has small blemishes and look red. I'm pretty sure If I stop all my brightening/whitening/wrinkle products my skin probably will get better. Lol But I just.. CAN'T. I want to get rid of my skin discoloration.. ;A;

This ampoule is firm my skin and nourish it. I tried use this ampoule for a day without use anything again and it feels good~! XD, light and not greasy. My cheek feel eleastic and soft. 

I know I use many skin care steps, but my problems is I ran out of my-non-whitening skin care product now except my JUJU ALOE. I have my reason why I haven't made a review of Juju, hehe wait patiently for my review if you're curious XD

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Cute bottle (wtf)
✩ Hygiene applicator, it smell hygiene too lol
✩ Help even my skin texture
✩ Lighten my acne scars a bit
✩ Make my skin look brighter and fresh
✩ Firm my skin

✩ Contain Vit C which is sometimes can make my skin redness
✩ Bit pricey for such small bottle! *scream

PRICE : 200.000 idr

You can get this product at Lioele Indonesia counter, Mall Pondok Indah 1 and Mall Ciputra Jakarta. If you have dark and dull skin, maybe you can consider this Ampoule to try. I've never seen a whitening effect when use whitening product because my skin is already fair(゜∀゜). But for the brightening, it works. It help my skin look fresh and firm when touch. lol  (*´▽`*)

Wanna try it? Use it with your own risk! XD

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