Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Palty Hair Bleach Sparkling Blonde quick review

Yesterday, I bleach my hair! XD Yeeyy, you probably know from my instagram, ahahahha. I really want to try it since long time, but lazy to try because the process isn't easy like Liese. Actually I want to post this yesterday, but I went to sleep because I was so sleepy that time. XD

I got 2 boxes of this Palty hair bleach. Kyaakyaaa why the packaging is so kawaii? o(≧▽≦)o
Is she the new Palty model? I miss Tsu-chan *w*
The back!! Hair color chart if you leave your hair for 15/30 minute. Don't leave it more than 40 minutes or your hair will burn.⊙▽⊙ 

I probably can get this color if I bleach 1 time again. XD

So this is what inside the box.
Solution 1
Solution 2
Bleach Powder
Brush type nozuru
Hair conditioner
Instruction sheet
Hair Cap

I provide other things too, to make the bleaching easier.
Salon cape
Newspaper (for the floor, lol)
Mirror (A must if you bleaching by yourself!)
Rubber band (to keep gloves on)
Plastic comb and brush
Medium hair clips

English instruction! So helpful!! Love it! 

I'm not going to tell you all the steps because if you buy the box you'll get the instruction. All you need to do is just follow all the steps on the instructions. Easy, just remember to ask someone to help you.

This is my hair color to begin with

My fugly hair, lol new growth hair is always annoying to see on colored hair XD. I have orange tone in my hair so I already prepared for the worst result.(ノTДT)

Tried to do it my self, but sooo hard. Lol, later my sister helped me to bleach! Dont forget to use hair cap after apply all the liquid. I use 2 boxes but it's not even enough!!!! T______T

About 10 minutes after I secure my hair with the hair cap. Look uneven, because of my black roots. I hurry took all the remaining liquid in the bottle with my fingers and applied to the dark area. There are still few uncovered area because of the tiny liquid... o(╥﹏╥)o

Inside the cap, I could feel my hair become warmmm. This supposed to make the bleach work right?

I leave it for 30 minutes and here's the result, hahahahhaha. *eyesore

SUPER BRIGHT!! LOOKS LIKE PALTY Gold Brown bleach. But, this color is tooo tooo orange for me, lol my sis and my bro were laughing at me wtf

Oraaangggeeeeee. (/゚Д゚)/

Cant show you my no make up face with this hair, I look so fuglyyy. Must wear make up first! lol

ROOM LIGHT isn't that orange... lol I wonder why XD
Uneven because lack of liquid! T_______________T 


I think Palty hair bleach is better than Prettia Hi bleach, because it really lighten my hair. Even my new roots can look same like the rest too. But my hair feel so stiff and hard to comb, hahahahah I feel sorry for my hair because it's really dry. Liese isn't damage my hair that much like Palty.

And now, my make up face with new hair! Hahahahah *lame

my pore look sooo big with ring light!! TTwTT

Okay, that's it! Lol, Do you think I look good with this hair color? TT-TT)\ Please be honest!

I'm going to dye my hair this week, either at Salon or with Palty milk tea brown, hehe. If the Salon is too expensive then I just dye my hair with Palty ne~~ *sad

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Can do it at home
✩ Lighten my hair
✩ Cheaper than do it at Salon

✩ Not easy to do it by yourself
✩ The solution is too little!!!! They should add moreeee XD
✩ Dry my hair a lot
✩ Uneven
✩ My hair turn orange

I probably will stock this bleach for future use, hehe I quite like this bleach even though it's a bit pain in the ass to apply. But cheaper than Salon! I rarely go to Salon, so it's impossible to touch up my hair there.., hahah I wish I'm rich! lol

Okay thats all, hope this post helps if you want to bleach your hair with Palty! Sorry for quick post, lol. If you have any question just comment or ask me on twitter. See you!!(≧∇≦)/