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Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Liese Bubble Hair Prettia Hi Bleach Review

Hello ladies \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/! Do you know Liese Prettia has a new packaging for 2012?. Their release 2 new colors too! Honey Beige and Jewel Peach. The new Liese Prettia is contain Royal Jelly to moisture your hair while dyeing. On this post, I'm going to talk about the new Hi Bleach from Liese Kao Prettia.。◕‿◕。Oh yeah, Liese has a hair bleach too, hahahahha XD

Last tuesday, I was bleaching my hair use the new Liese Prettia Hi bleach, A bubble Hair Dye. Actually, I want to dye my hair like the New "Honey Beige" color, but Im afraid the color won't turn out like the box, so I was bleaching my hair first. I was hoping my hair color will turn out good too.(゜◇゜)

The new prettia is contain Royal Jelly and Amino Acid to make our hair doesnt feel dry after coloring and doesnt harm our skin. This treatment will help our hair from future damage and make our hair look beautiful and soft. ♥_♥

Kit Contains:
✩ No.1 Hair color(small) 1.41fl.oz(40ml)
✩ No.2 Hair color(large) 2.11fl.oz(60ml)
✩ Foamer Cap
✩ Gloves
✩ After Color Moisturizer 0.14fl.oz(4ml)
✩ Instruction Sheet 

I wasn't really sure with this bleach, because there's not much review about this Hi Bleach. But yeah, I brave my self to try it out, hahahha

My hair before bleaching, Dark roots, uneven hair color, mwahahahhahahah XD , looks a bit red/orange.

Bleaching using Liese is really easy, it just like washing your own hair, you can see my old video about Liese prettia on this POST.

While waiting for 40 minute, I see that my hair color wasn't really change to yellow -__-", rather than yellow it looks ORANGE again to me... 

So, I leave it for 1 hour!!! But, there was nothing change so I wash my hair quickly because I was afraid my hair will turn out like sapu ijuk =w=

When dry, under sun light it look like annoying orange color!! hahahahha, I want to dye my hair again after that, but my hair was crying ;A; , so I leave it one day to see if the color going to change (IT'S NOT!).

So, this is the after picture.
Room light, but near window, WOW Cover my roots so well! (*゚ロ゚)

under sun light

sun light

Room light, under a lamp

Okay, uneven color =3=

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ It covers my new roots so WELL
✩ Quick and Easy
✩ The smell is better than the previous series
✩ Doesn't dry my hair
✩ Got a hair conditioner treatment which make my hair feel smooth on the next day

✩ Pricey! I bought it from my local seller by pre-order, it's about $19.8 -.-
✩ The color turn not uneven on the end of my hair
✩ My hair turn out Orange under sun light and I think it's so scary, lmao XD

My Rating : 3.5/5 , hmm because it turn out orange and not yellow like the box, lol. XD

Buy it again? I DONT THINK SO, I want to try Palty hair dye next time (maybe), or I better bleach my hair on my old hairdresser, the first salon where I bleach my hair when I was still in Uni. =w= hahahha, but what I like about Liese, I can dye my own hair at home and QUICK! It doesn't make my hair dry and stain my skin. I never feel itch or any allergy effect towards this bubble hair. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

I was going to lunch that time, after bleaching hahahha -.-"  (took with my phone)

night time on my room, it looks a bit yellow. no make up, no circle lens. LOL I look like a different person XD XD, who cares X'D

Btw, I'm going to post another Liese bubble hair review after this post, I separate the post so it's not too long. SEE YOU SOON!

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