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Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Up Forever La Bohème Spring 2012

Hello ladies~(///∇//) !! So, yesterday I was invited to Make Up Forever pre-launched La Boheme spring 2012 collection, this collection is inspired from Bohemian and limited edition. This spring, the Bohemian is back. The floral motifs, ethnic and gypsy influenced, handmade embroidery, patchwork and prints. Make up forever launched an eyeshadow palette, two original Rouge Artist shade and an eye pencil in a limited edition. A collection inspired by nature, to let your beauty desires blossoms and give new form to the bohemian spirit.

more pictures to come!

Entire collection, they only available until the end of February. So, If you live in Indonesia, don't hesitate to visit their boutique at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Get it as soon as possible, lol. For the price, the palette is about 525.000 idr. The rouge artist is about 250.000 idr, I'm not sure about the eyeliner but yeah it's around 225.000 If I'm not wrong.

Waterproof formula and highly pigmented!

The collection and the new Make Up Forever Eye Primer.

La Boheme Palette is a limited edition must have spring palette, it feature six versatile eyeshadow shades in a great new baked formula. This will give you a lightweight, pearly shining with an ultra silky feel.
La Bohème eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry for unique result. If you apply it dry the result is a shimmery and soft effect, nice if you love a sheer make up. And for the wet part, you can use eye drop or mineral spray but please not water. lol

Isn't this palette is just Gorgeous?? *w*

Swatch on hands without anything.
without flash

with flash

After put Make Up Forever eyeshadow primer, see how the color pop but still look natural. This eye primer is matte and doesn't feel oily at all.

Rouge Artist Natural lipstick is an ultra creamy, translucent lipstick that colors your lips in a discreetly tinted and delicious crystalline shine for an unpredecented fresh lip effect. 
The La Bohème Rouge Artist natural swatches.

I really love this lipstick, the MUA there's apply it on my lips, She mix the two color of it and my lips look so natural. It looks so bohemian >‿<, makes me remind of my uni time when I was still in college I was into Bohemian style.◕ ‿◕ This is so nostalgic, you can see it how it looks on my lips here. I really want to bought the rouge artist yesterday, but I remember I still need to pay my auntie for buying me something, so I stopped. Maybe after CNY I'll think about it again, because I really want to get Candy Doll lipstick instead lol. You know I'm really addicted with Japanese brand ≧△≦.

My Lip color before put the rouge artist. A baby pink color.

MY FOTD after put the Rouge Artist.
And If you realize it, my hair color is getting more lighter and orange now!! Arghh, I'm going to dye it brown again and highlight it before Chinese New Year, lol. The roots is annoyed me, but actually I've got many compliments with this hair color x_X.

Do you like my FOTD here? Actually, I've made a tutorial of this look but haven't edit it. I'm going to post it on weekend I guess. >_<, I hope you will like it, I don't know what to call this look but I'm inspired by Pop teen magazine(again).~( ̄、 ̄;)~
Thank you so much for reading, have a nice days and stay pretty ! (≧∇≦)/

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