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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random post XD

Hellooo, I feel my blog is pretty boring now with all reviewss and sponsored things *facepalm. So, now I'm going to post whatever things here. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

1. I'm going to bleach my hair with Palty XDDD *dance* lol
I got this from my Auntie, she brought me this weeks ago. I still hesitate to bleach my own hair with my own hands T___T , afraid become fail.. lol, I probably will go die if fail because I don't have any hair dye to back up. Soo, pleaaaseee be nice to me Palty.. After bleach my own hair, I'll go to saloon on the next day (probably) to color and highlight my hair. Maybe I'll go to shinjuku hair salon because my friend said they have promotion for blogger. XD

Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Up Forever La Bohème Spring 2012

Hello ladies~(///∇//) !! So, yesterday I was invited to Make Up Forever pre-launched La Boheme spring 2012 collection, this collection is inspired from Bohemian and limited edition. This spring, the Bohemian is back. The floral motifs, ethnic and gypsy influenced, handmade embroidery, patchwork and prints. Make up forever launched an eyeshadow palette, two original Rouge Artist shade and an eye pencil in a limited edition. A collection inspired by nature, to let your beauty desires blossoms and give new form to the bohemian spirit.

more pictures to come!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Up Forever Indonesia Beauty Class Event

Hello everyone! (≧∇≦)/ Today, I attend a beauty class at Make Up Forever Indonesia. I'm so happy they invite me to this event, though I'm not really good meet with new people ( ̄ー ̄). But, the MUFE team is really kind and welcoming, so I feel comfortable when meet with them. They invite other Indonesian beauty bloggers too, this is the second MUFE event that invite beauty bloggers. I miss the first one because I didn't know there's an event like this. I thought there's no event for beauty blogger here, well since the beauty blogger is not many.

Adinda and Mia. What a sweet smile they have (///∇//) , wish I can smile like that.LOL

The team : from left to right
Adinda, Gerry, Tommy, Mia, Agustin, Maria (sorry for misspell name)
omg Tommy is really cute in person! XD
We talk so many things, they ask me about blogging things and what I do now. They think I still in University, well I'm not. I already graduate  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ.



So, they said that today class is to learn how to apply HD full product to our face. Then, I need to remove my base make up there, seriously I don't really mind but I hate applying make up without use my moisturizer and toner (ノTДT).

Dinda and Gerry explain about HD stuff while Mia is become their model for applying HD stuff. She said that there's 4 steps in using HD products (if I'm not wrong). 
1st step is use HD Elixir and HD Primer all over your face. 
2nd step is use HD Foundation and HD Concealer.
3rd step is use HD Blush.
The last step is use HD Powder all over your face.

So this is how I look before remove all my base make up.

So, here's my bare face, well I'm not remove my eye make up though. ⊙▽⊙
Well, as you guys know, I have many dark spots because it's a gen from my mom and some scars from acne and pox. Σ(゜д゜;)
why I look so damn tired here, yeah my body isn't really fit that time T.T

ZOOM IN Σ(゜д゜;), please take note that I'm not re-touch my skin.

They gave us a Face Chart like this, this is to help find our skin tone and find which primer and color that suits us. I was wrong choose my tone, I choose golden instead of beige coz one of the BA told me that my tone is Golden. The Golden HD Foundation wasn't blend really well on my face (●`3´●) . I look yellow, but thanks to the Pink primer, makes my face look more pinkish not too yellow! So, let's start see the pictures.

♔ 1st step :
Apply HD Elixir all over my face. I just need one drop for prime my skin.

Apply HD Primer, 1 pump for all my face. I choose to use the Pink one, coz it claims to make my face more rosy (?).

with and without the Primer. wow, the result is so exciting. (again :: I'm not edited this).
after apply it on both side.

♔ Step 2, apply HD foundation all over my face. (I think I use number 120).

This below pictures, is after I apply a concealer.

Amazing! My skin look smooth, I love it >‿< , I don't apply too much concealer, *afraid looking like an opera mask.

♔ Step 3, Apply HD Blush. 
I use number 4, it's a fresh pink shades, the color look more vibrant IRL. Honestly I don't really like this blush texture, I mean it's hard to blend with fingers. I don't know if i'm use a brush though. 

Can you see the fresh pink color? :) omg I look so chubby here!! *slapped

♔ Step 4, Apply a HD Powder, buff all over my face. And I'm done! ^-^
I pick a random red lipgloss and find it looks a lil weird on my face.( ̄へ ̄)

So, I search a nude lipstick and soft peach lipgloss to try. Aww, I hate my lips that time, it's so flaky! T__T
I'm not really in a mood to take picture, so sorry for my no expression face. =_=

I took a picture with chezcelle ≧△≦. She's one of beauty blogger in Jakarta. She's so kind, this is my first time meet with her. She look so gorgeous with that red lipstick!

click to enlarge it

Many thankss to MUFE Indonesia for invite me. I'm so happy meet other bloggers, even though I haven't talk with all of them ⊙▽⊙ hehe. Since this is the first time I meet all of them, I can't act like *sokakrab or act sweet if I just meet people for the first time. :p 

You know, sometimes you just can't blend into a circle because the circle already contain particular things inside it. You can't jump inside it because there's one thing that kick you out. Or simple because, that thing doesn't want you to come in. You already try to approach nicely it but it's not work. So, all you need to do is just stop trying and stand by your self.

BTW, Just in case if you are interested in Make Up Forever Beauty Class you can find them at Plaza Indonesia L4.

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook too for more information about the Academy.

So, after arrived at home I took pictures again. All the make up that I apply is more blended to my skin, I lovee it and makes me don't want to remove my make up. LOL. But, even though I like the result I still love my SANA base more, coz the shade is more blended to my skin than this. 

really really tired face (ノTДT) and sorry for my silly

So, thanks for reading my lovely readers, Love ya!
I'll make another circle lens review after this, stay tuned! (///∇//) 

ps : currently choose things for my mini giveaway, the price will be some random falsies (don't expect too much okay) lol

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello ladies! I've use this primer for a while, but havent made any review of it. So here I am! XD

Formula :
Argatensyl, Seanergilium, D-Panthenol & glycerin, Phycosaccharide, Spherical silica, 

microparticles, Oil-free, Dermatologist tested

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Recent Haul & Cosplay

Hei! I've been so busy last year, have no time for update. Busy with life!

Recently i just bought few stuff after chinese new year. Not much.

There are wonder eyelid (since my eyelid pretty small), fake lashes, maybelline magnum mascara, revlon color stay eyeliner, make up forever hd primer (pink), make up forever lash fibers.

I already tried wonder eyelid this afternoon and its definitely look natural.
(I try to make my double eyelid look bigger), but it's messy, since its my 1st time using this product. but practice makes perfect,isnt it? =w=
You need to try this if you have a mono eyelid.! 
you gotta loovveee it!
sry i can't upload any picture,  coz i was in a hurry when im using this.

For the hd primer, yeah, it really last long. (i use it for 8 hours today) The purple one (which i bought), its for add radiance. the texture really soft and easy to apply n absorb. my skin looks healthy and my redness become unseen..
but my acne scars still there, well i didnt use concealer. If u have lots of redness, i think u should try the green one.

The Lash Fibers, i tried it at the MUFE counter. (note: i already putted mascara at home), it works on my really short eyelashes, lengthen just a lil
I should try it on my bare lashes other time.

this is my fotd that day, just a lil make up. before went to my relative home n mall. Just simple look, haha I look more younger with natural look. hehe

see how short my lashes are.
I want to buy Maxgrowth - serum for lashes. see if it works on me.
Hope i can make a review of it!


I wanna share my random cosplay photos. #fail
please don't laugh if you think it doesn't suit me.LOL

me as curapica from Hunter X Hunter

me as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

thanks for reading

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