Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Introduction of The Skin Shop

As a professional cosmetic company from Korea, IFMANET Co., Ltd. has been supplying a various of functional cosmetic products under own Brand called THE SKIN SHOP to overseas and domestic market. Under slogan, “Nature of the natural beauty cosmetic”, IFMANET Co., Ltd. has been trying to supply nature-friendly cosmetic to customers. THE SKIN SHOP brand has been launched at professional beauty chain stores and enjoying such a good reputation in overseas market.

Brand Story 

In the deep exquisite forest laden with the morning dew, Natural Beauty Magician, THE SKIN SHOP 
comes out in the world to present the magic of nature for you to have the healthiest skin and most natural beauty. Experience the magical effect of skin care & make-up given by The Skin Shop and fulfill your beauty dreams now.

Brand Slogan
Nature of the natural beauty cosmetics.
Beauty magician, The Skin Shop
THE SKIN SHOP says "FROM" & "TO" of your skin
The ultimate solution in artistic skin make-up by The Skin Shop
Natural beauty creation of your beautiful skin story through The Skin Shop.

Highlight Products

My opinion about this brand

First of all, I really want to thank The Skin Shop for invite me to become their TSS Magician. I really love korean cosmetics and skin care so this opportunity is really nice for me. The brand slogan instantly make me fall in love with it. "Nature of natural beauty cosmetics", is what I always want in a cosmetics, because natural ingredients is good for our skin. I always use natural skin care this far and mostly is Korean brand, many people always compliment my skin >.< wonder what I use, the only thing is I always try to use a skin care with a natural ingredients. And now, I'm really curious to try this brand because if you see the product ingredients, it looks really promising! :)

So, on this post I would like to invite all my readers here to support The Skin Shop page here 
>>> "THE SKIN SHOP" <<< . Like and share their page, help them reach 3000 likes!! ^^

And please remember to leave your foot print there, write : @cominica len invites me to TSS Facebook. By doing that, you're telling them that you know their page from me :*

Thanks for reading ladies and I hope this post is informative to you. Do check out their website here and here. And if you're living in Philippines you can find this brand at Watson!! Aww, when they'll come to Indonesia >_<". LOL Let's spread the word about this natural brand~ ^^/


beautiechips said...

love your blog! I live in Japan rite now and the BB cream series is EVERYWHERE it is super popular, esp the ones that have fdn mixed in! I am planning to review products here too! check out my site~!! I am your newest follower!!

THTChristina said...

I love skin shop! And congrats to being their TSS Magician :O

MissFeelo said...

Yay! Happy they chose you to be their TSS Magician! Their products seem pretty interesting. I like seeing what natural ingredients are used in products as well.

Yo She Phine said...

the first time heard about the skin shop..
really after the face shop, the body shop, and now the skin shop.. lol
congrats to become their TSS magician~

stephneeCrz said...

You really know the importance of a good skin because you
are always bringing some magical and interesting products that help us to get
out of our problem. Thanks so much and one of them is already in my collection
and I love Premium Secret Cream SPF37 PA+++. Great


♔cominica♔ said...

Thankss! :)
Wow, I hope I can find them here too soon! :D

♔cominica♔ said...

Thank youuu :)

♔cominica♔ said...

Haha, I'm suprised too >.<
Yeah, the products look interesting! :)

♔cominica♔ said...

HAHA I know what you mean! XD Thankss :)

Tss Singapore said...

the skin shop will come to singapore soon at affordable prices, visit our FB pages here:

cheers girls

Tss Singapore said...

Hi gals,

The Skin Shop will be available in Singapore soon,

Don't forget to tell your friend who is live in Singapore!

Please follow our FB Pages:

Cheers gals

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