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Monday, November 07, 2011

FOTD - a sweet day?

Hello ladies!!~(≧∇≦)/  Yesterday I was going to a mall with my bf, we have a lunch at Yoshinoya, a Japanese beef bowl restaurant. The beef is so nice and yummy!~ When we were on the car, my bf suddenly told me to open the car dashboard (I don't know how to say it-poor vocabs (ノTДT)) and there was a gift for me! And it was a pretty purple box, I was so suprised, he always love to give me something although there's nothing happened like special days or occasion. And inside the box there's a pair of earring which I spotted while walking on a mall last week. Wow! I didn't know he'll buy it for me o( ̄∇ ̄o)  Thanks dear! (///∇//)
The earring design is simple cross but so pretty and bling-bling in real life. Lol, I love bling bling things. ♡♡ sorry I forgot to put the pictures, I captured it with a different camera T_T

And this is my FOTD yesterday, (the make up is look more obvious in real life though)

 before put my knitted top

 cam-whoring while inside my bf car,lol

Product I'm using :
✩ SANA Maiko Han Base, Foundation, Powder - my fave combination atm
Canmake cream cheek 08 | EGM Mineral star glow powder (this gives a glowy effect)
✩ La tulipe eyeshadow base | Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes | Maybelline Hypersharp liner | Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
Dolly wink false lashes no.1 & no.5 (on the edge)
Maybelline watershine B24
Opera moist lipgloss

Do you love this look?? (⌒▽⌒)I really love it, especially Dolly wink false lashes, I've use it for 5 times now and still use it because it still lookin good. It looks so natural and I really love the edge effect on it. I cut the lower lashes and use it only on the edge. Last night, I accidentally broke the lower lashes, aaahh I really hate my self!! T__T
I'm thinking to get Eyemazing no.301 which produced by Mizzukitty, I really love the edge design. I love this kind of false lashes, it looks so natural when use and makes your eyes look longer. 

I don't know what you see on the pictures but in real life it looks pretty obvious. Lol, my bf is already bear with it, bear with it hun because I'm going to buy more~~ of it! Haha!

Do you always use false lashes when make up?  sometimes I don't use it though, but looking at them makes me can't help it~! (●`3´●), It seems like they lure me to use them,hahahhaha lol thanks for reading and Have a nice days ladies~! ◕ ‿◕

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