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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day out with chibi girls

Hello ladies~~ (≧∇≦)/ Sorry I didn't talk much on my previous post. Lol, because, I just post the drafts on my dashboard, that's why I didn't say anything. So, on this post I'll blabbing about my yesterday hang out with my fellow cosplayer friends and my sister. We went to Central Park mall for lunch at Sushi Tei and window shopping. Me and my sister were late, lol something happen at home (≧ε≦*). I was driving really fast and took the wrong way to the basement parking. It was so stupid, really, I was go in to the exit way on the basement and many cars were going to come out!! Aww, luckily the security guard came and hold the car first so I could turn back and go outside (*゚ー゚). Silly.

I met with them at Sushi Tei and we had a lunch together, I've ordered to many like always ≧△≦ and ended very full. ( ̄ー ̄)", We walked around to see Dolly Wink items and I found Dolly wink mascaras, wow I didn't know the mascara is available here! I wish the other false lashes design and Eyeshadow palette will be here soon. *crossedfinger  (///∇//) And of course, you may not skip photo shot! Bwahahahahah, we took some pictures together and IIIIIIIIII FEEL FAT. Oh really  (ノTДT) , those two are so tiny and chibi lol, me and my sister look tall, and yeah I look FAT ( ゚з゚)

with miharu, you can check her blog here. You can see her cosplay photo there.

with my cosplayer friend Nako-chan ^-^

miharu, my sister and me

twin chibi~~

I look like their mom -__- lol

A photo close up of me, cam-whoring on my room as always (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o, I really hate my skin this week, I have a big pimples on my chin area and it's really big and hurt!! Eurrghhhhh! I use new false lashes I've got lately and I really love itttt. I've seen Kumicky often use false lashes like this on Pop teen. It's not obvious in camera. >‿<""

annoying V-sign

And about Happi, lol he always stand on the corner of his kennel when I mad at him. Hahahahha like this, omg so cyuuutee.

bad dog! bad dog! ≧△≦

And lately, my neighbor's dog (a mini pinser) always coming to visit Happi almooossst everyday! Lol, I think he likes happi XD, Happi is too cuuuteee to hate (ノTДT), He even come inside my house --".

This weekend I'm going to meet my college friends again, yay! I hope you have a great day everyone~! Love yaaaa~~ (`∀´)ノ

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