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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Melliesh False Lashes Look a Like & Last night FOTD

Hello ladies! (≧∇≦)/  Recently, I bought 3 box of different false lashes, I've share 5 of them with my friend. And I found, one of three falsies is look like Melliesh false lashes. Honestly, I never tried Melliesh false lashes before, but the design is kinda similar. It gives you a natural look with long look false lashes. Wanna see?

compared with Melliesh false lashes no.2

I got 10 pair in 1 box, I don't know what the brand is, I bought it from my local seller for about $10. I think this falsies is so affordable, The band is made from a thread so I need to line it again with eyeliner, but I don't really mind. It just take more time for me to do it. lol. So, this is how it looks on my eyes, I really~~~ love it! ^-^
just the upper lashes

This is my last night FOTD while use this false lashes.

I'm going to meet my girls now~! See ya ladies, have a great days!! I'll reply all your comment tomorrow and on my previous post too~ Sorry coz, I reaaallly in a rush~ :*

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