Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Besties! (Tag) and Blog Award!

Thanks Amyboo for tagged me! She's really a lovely and kind girl! Check her blog out (`∀´)οΎ‰ 
Sorry for late post about this summer best product tag Amy >‿<

Okay, So Let's see!

❀Best Lip Product ❀

MNY Baby Lips <--click for review
My HG Lip balm!


❀ Best Blush ❀

Canmake Cheek&Cheek <--click for review
This blush it's the no.1 blush too in Pop Sister's september edition!
I got the Rose Tiara, lovee it so much!


❀ Best Nail Polish ❀

My first try to OPI nail lacquer make me fell in love with it! (:D


❀ Best Liquid Face Product ❀

Sana Maiko Han base
I know I haven't make a review about this base, but this base it's really good!
It's not heavy and makes my face bright.

❀ Best Powder Face Product ❀

Sana Maiko Han Powder
Best powder I have ever try! gotta make the review as soon as possible.
This powder is so light and really perfect for summer!

❀ Best Eye Product ❀

LJ 12 eyeshadow <--check for review
All shades are wearable and has a shimmer which makes my eyes
look glowy and fresh~!

❀ Best Hair Product ❀

Hoyu Beauty Labo color essence for dry hair
Protect my dry hair which cause by direct sunlight and make it soft and light.

❀ Best Tanning Product ❀
I don't like Tanning. LOL

❀ Best accessory ❀

Flower Bangles
This colourful bangles will makes my summer more fun!

❀ Best Clothing ❀

Flowerry cammisolle
This cute and colorful cammisole is perfect for my summer ^O^v

Award from Stephanie from Diary of a product junkie, Thanks for this award <3 <3
I love reading her product review and she's really a nice girl! Don't forget to check her blog ^w^)v. sorry for late post of this award stephie <3

To think who to give this award, I want to give this award to all friends who always read and support my blog, Thank you so much, love youu all~!


astoryaboutM said...

love nail polish!

Stephanie Nangoi said...

Your welcome, cominica! I wish I can wear that nail polish color to work T^T

lizzo said...

I haven't heard about so man of these products before!! I am interested in trying them out now~


Chloe Lum said...

Nice favourites! I've used some of these products before like the liquid and powder face products, quite nice to use. I loveee Baby Lips too <3 I wanna try the other flavours - almost finished my first one!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Thank you for the review ;) and congratulation for the award! ^^

Nces ♥

Anonymous said...

I love the nail polish!!! ;)

btw, Come to my blog and i would love if you follow my blog too! ;)

xoxo, Gloria

Amyboo said...

Yaaaay~! You did it! ^__^ I'm really curious about that face powder so please do a review soon hehe. <3

♔cominica♔ said...

lol, why can't??

♔cominica♔ said...

haha, go try it if you have a chance :D

♔cominica♔ said...

yeah, i love SANA :D. yeah baby lips is so nice i want get it again once i finish mine >.<

♔cominica♔ said...

yeeeaay, lol, okay, I'll be review it as soon as possible :D

pinky bunny said...

owh.. congratulations.. :D
u're blog deserve it!

♔cominica♔ said...

thank you :)

loveamatista said...

Hey Comi, your blog is so adorable. You are so cute! I love the OPI nail polish color you picked! Great post :)

Princess Momoy said...

momoy waiting for Sana Maiko Powder it in SANA range/ family product  ?
never seen before

♔cominica♔ said...

thank you :)

♔cominica♔ said...

okay, I'll review it as soon as possible :)

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