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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 - FOTD and 8 Question Tag

Helloooooooooo!! I guess everyone was have a wonderful Christmas yesterday. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love Christmas season because all decoration seems so warm and festive! ^-^. Last Sunday I watches Sherlock Holmes 2 with my bro and sis, seriously I'm so addicted with Robert Downey Jr since Iron Man day! >__<, And this movie really made me laugh like crazy on the cinema. LMAO , seriously just watched it if you haven't!!! This guy is epic ! XD

I watched this movie at Epicentrum mall, I met with my Esmod teacher there, they were having a fashion festival there. I didn't expect it. LOL. We ate at Japanese restaurant, I forgot the name but the salmon sashimi was really delicious and fresh!! We've ordered so many menu but I forgot to took the picture because the atmosphere there wasn't really proper to took some pictures. LOL @-@

And here's my FOTD that day, I was in a rush so didn't have time for my hair. @_@, this look was simple and I was wearing EOS Barbie King Size Brown circle lens.

Now, I'm going to do 8 Question tag from Banny, Jel, someone already tagged this to me weeks ago. I don't remind who exactly, I'm sorry I'll just do this tag all once now. @_@ I'm not really good with this kind of tag, because I become really confuse and not focus.

❀ Rules that must be posted 
Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
No tag backs.
No stuff in tagging section about 'you tagged if you are reading this'. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

❀ 11 Facts About Me ❀
✩ I'm addicted to Hunter X Hunter, esp Kurapika!
✩ I need aromatherapy for sleep.
✩ I'm lazy to take a bath. lolll
✩ I spent my time the most with my family.
✩ I'm singing almost everyday, i love karaoke so much. XD
✩ I love reading pop teen and try the look.
✩ I love talking shit with my sister. Lmao
✩ I love japanese stuff so much, I can say I'm influenced so much by Japan.
✩ Happi is my second pet >w< and I love him so much!
✩ My boyfriend is my 1st bf and I hope he's the last :)
✩ I don't use blackberry.

❀ Here are question from Banny ❀
1. If you could get any type of tattoo right now, what would you get and why?
--> I'll make a chain tattoo like Kurapika's chain in Hunter X Hunter, and that's because it's cool and I'm addicted to him, I can't think anything else. lol
2. What is the most played songs on your mp3/ipod/itunes?
--> Funkist - Snow Fairy ( Fairy til OST)
3. What is one bad habit you have?
--> Throw away everything on my bedroom floor.
4. What is you biggest fear and why?
--> Clown. any kind of clowns, I can't tell you why, lol. 
5. If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be and why?
--> I can't describe myself with one word, sorry @_@.
6. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
--> Left
7. What was your first stuffed animal and what was it's name?
--> A bunny, named tuzi
8. What is your favorite hobby?
--> Sleep. lol
9. What colors do you normally pick out for your clothes?
--> Pastel colors/Black
10. Who is your favorite youtuber?
--> I don't watch youtube often, but I love ekimura :)
11. What color are your bed room walls/Do you have a bedroom theme?
--> Red mix with creme beige. No, I don't have a any theme.

❀ Question from Jel O ❀
1. What can you say about your 2011. Was it a nice year or not?
--> So, so, Not really nice I can say. Lol, but still easy to pass.
2. What are things that you are looking forward in the coming year?
--> My boutique!! *w*
3. If you were to go to heaven, who would you choose to bring with you? Why?
--> Happi, He's never made me bored.
4. What's your favorite beauty product and why?
--> False lashes, because it can make my eyes look awake and bigger.
5. If you can change your physical appearance, what would you change and why?
--> My cheek and my nose. My cheek is to chubby lol, and I'd love to have a korean actress nose *w*.
6. Shopping or going to the beach?
--> BEACH!
7. Korean Actors/Actresses that you like.
--> Won bin!
8. Favorite asian drama.
--> Hana Kimi
9. If you can be an icecream flavor, what would you be and why?
--> Strawberry, sweet but sometimes sour.
10. Do you prefer to cook your own food or just buy?
--> Buy, I cook almost everyday and so bore of it. lol
11. If you can give me a friendly advice about anything, what you tell me?
--> Stop drinking coke dear :)

Wohooaa, I can't believe I really finish this long tag. LOL. @_@, Im not going to tag anyone, I'm sorry I really in a rush atm, I made this tag  now because I'm afraid I'll forget to make it again. Bye ladies! Have a nice holiday~! ^O^)/

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Besties! (Tag) and Blog Award!

Thanks Amyboo for tagged me! She's really a lovely and kind girl! Check her blog out (`∀´)ノ 
Sorry for late post about this summer best product tag Amy >‿<

Okay, So Let's see!

❀Best Lip Product ❀

MNY Baby Lips <--click for review
My HG Lip balm!


❀ Best Blush ❀

Canmake Cheek&Cheek <--click for review
This blush it's the no.1 blush too in Pop Sister's september edition!
I got the Rose Tiara, lovee it so much!


❀ Best Nail Polish ❀

My first try to OPI nail lacquer make me fell in love with it! (:D


❀ Best Liquid Face Product ❀

Sana Maiko Han base
I know I haven't make a review about this base, but this base it's really good!
It's not heavy and makes my face bright.

❀ Best Powder Face Product ❀

Sana Maiko Han Powder
Best powder I have ever try! gotta make the review as soon as possible.
This powder is so light and really perfect for summer!

❀ Best Eye Product ❀

LJ 12 eyeshadow <--check for review
All shades are wearable and has a shimmer which makes my eyes
look glowy and fresh~!

❀ Best Hair Product ❀

Hoyu Beauty Labo color essence for dry hair
Protect my dry hair which cause by direct sunlight and make it soft and light.

❀ Best Tanning Product ❀
I don't like Tanning. LOL

❀ Best accessory ❀

Flower Bangles
This colourful bangles will makes my summer more fun!

❀ Best Clothing ❀

Flowerry cammisolle
This cute and colorful cammisole is perfect for my summer ^O^v

Award from Stephanie from Diary of a product junkie, Thanks for this award <3 <3
I love reading her product review and she's really a nice girl! Don't forget to check her blog ^w^)v. sorry for late post of this award stephie <3

To think who to give this award, I want to give this award to all friends who always read and support my blog, Thank you so much, love youu all~!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 things I love♡

I got tagged last month by lina
sorry for post this so late! >_<

So, here's 10 things I love ::

1. I ♡ Craft/Handmade
I always love making things by my self, like accessories, 
clothes, costumes, knitting, sewing and other things I like.
Even though I haven't make anything I while, but I'll
continue my costume soon! >‿<

2. I ♡ Make Up
Make up is being part of my life now, I think it's a form
of art, since I loves art since I was a kid.
I'm not really great at make-up, but I love applying it on my face
and see the result. ^o^
I really hope I can make a make up tutorial soon and will be so happy
if someone find it helpful :D
I love Gyaru make up so much, since it'll make my eyes bigger
and like a doll~  ◕ ‿◕

3. I ♡ ANIME
Well, I can't denied that I'm an Otaku ≧△≦.
I love Shounen story than shoujou one, hehe
But I like Lucky Star n K-ON! hoho
currently addicted to fairy tail and beezelbub  now! LOL

4. I ♡ Cosplay
I was cosplaying because I love the character so much.
I don't like ppl do cosplay just to find popularity or whatever =.=
I do cosplay because I pure love it, I love make the costumes,
styling the wig, being the character I love. Just simple as that.
That's why I do cosplay and come to event when I really want to,
not because I must come or take part in the competition.
I take part in a competition if I want, I just depend on my mood. :p

5. I ♡ Fashion
mostly Japan fashion and lolitas.
I ♡ wear a simple one and not too lolitas, coz ppl will
starring at me like im a weirdo or someting o,0
but still, I want to try it sometimes XD
I love clothes with laces, frills and cuteee.

6. I ♡ Design
Since my edu background from Graphic design and
Fashion design, it's odd if I don't like it. ͡๏_͡๏
I love designing clothes and planning to make a boutique
where I can sell my design clothes and dress.
I still preparing it though, can't wait till all is done! :D

7. I ♡ GAME
my favorite game : Ragnarok XD
I played many online game before and PS, mostly RPG.
Like Mana Khemia, FF, Magna Carta, HM and many mooree.
And oh, I  like Dynasty Warrior too! :D

8. I ♡ Food.
Yeah, that's why my Diet is always failed! hahaha
my favorite : sushi, sashimi, pepper steak, bbq, pasta
you know I spent my money mostly on food T_T

9. I ♡ Blogging
I love sharing my thought, make up and skin care experience.
And I meet many sweet ppl through blogging.

10. Okay so the last thing  ♡ DOG
I loooveee Dog, esp Pomeranian and Chihuahua!
They're just too cuteeeee, waaaaaa

That's all~ Actually I still many things left to put, but hey!
It just 10! lol XD
And I need to tag 10 people, okay I always get confused while
tagging ppl, so I just do it randomly :p

Sunday, May 29, 2011



Okay, so I got Tagged from clarissa and Award from ayu.
Thanks sweeties~~ ^0^

Oh my! I don't really know what to write
when it comes to my self. =.=
Then I'll just write what comes first into my mind.

❤  I always looked diificult to approached and arrogant
in real life, but actually if you already know me, I'm a friendly ppl.

❤ I have 2 different personalities.

❤ I love day-dreaming and go blank anytime and anywhere.

❤ I am an Otaku and dun care what ppl think about it.

❤ I love art and art and art.

❤ I am stubborn, selfish and psyco.

❤ I can't control my self when I'm angry.

❤ I'm addicted with game, game esp RPG.

❤ I am a loner.

❤ I love lolita, frilly, lace, cute thingy, flowery and pink, pink.

Eh? YAAY it's already ten! ^0^

Btw I always have hard time when choose ppl
to tag /( =m= )\

10 ppl it's so many, @@
I'll tag 3 ppl , ayu, merry, lina.

Sorry for breaking the rules >_<\\


The rules
1) Make a post contain with:

* Say thank you to someone who give you this award
* Write about someone who give you this award
* Write about yourself
* There's a banner award and code
* Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
* Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2) Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

Thankss ayu for gave me this awesome award!
What I know about her, she's an Otaku. :D.
She love anime, manga and Japans which
same like me. I really want to meet her in
person, It'll be so exciting!! >w<

And me, well I am an Otaku also, haha >o<"
I am a graphic designer and fashion designer.
My dream is to have my own fashion brand ^^v.

I'll give this award to yami, chaoi, yurina.

Sorry I'm breaking the rules.
Well, i'm a B type :p

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