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Sunday, December 20, 2009

ESMOD is killed my time

I know It was a long time since my hiatus

Actually i want to write many things about my daily life now!!
But there's no time for me to write on my blog..Photobucket
My latest post was about my boyfriend who
 moved to a boarding house near from my house,
He lived far away from me. He's from Solo.
Do you know Solo?
I think it took more than 12 hours to Jakarta (by car)
But just 1 hour by plane

Last september, I started to study at Esmod, 
a well-known fashion school in Jakarta.
It's super far from my place, 
it take 1 hour or more (if there was a trafic) and
I need to leave my house at 7/7.30 
because the lesson start from 9, and till 4
that's why I don't have many times to do 
anything beside my school.
There're so many homework to do, 
and I already tired when I arrived at home Photobucket

Beside that, I need to do my assignment.
Sometimes I didn't sleep until morning, then straightly drive to
my school. lol then at the lunch time, I sleep!

Fashion is my passion since I was small, 
I'm really happy and enjoy my school so much!
I wasnt close with anyone at first,
because I can't get along well with people I don't really know
and iMO, in real world you need to find
people who suits you. 
Not just for fun, but also for brainstorming, sharing your
thought, ideas and opinion about something.
It's not about to be selective, but it happen naturally to me Photobucket
and I think it happen to you too guys
Friend it's not just for fun or hanging out together 
or you look for them when you need them.
It just happen naturally when you get close to someone

Okay! Enough talking about that,
Back to my school again, I learned few things, 
how to make a skirt, to make a pattern,
to sew correctly, and related things!

And the most important things for me, 
is that finally I found a place where I belong to!
It's different from my college, not the people 
but the world where I'm in now is the right place for me to
develop what I like, my hobby and of course my passion!

I know it still a long way to go to be a fashion designer!
I need to work hard and find something 
that represent me n my style well.

My teacher and friend seems to realize 
my style of drawing n design and they know I love Japanese fashion a lot.
Actually your style and your taste can change, 
but it depends on many things.
It just hard to explain

I'm still learning now, so my drawing and design it's not perfect
But I'll develop my self and try and tryyyy
I start to make hair band for sell now
It's really make me happy when making 
something and other people like it. More if
they want to wear something which is 
made with my own hands

I'll try to write my blog as often as possible, 
but I don't really think that I can make it.
I have so many homework during this holiday 
and I need to work on it.
Wish me luck girls!


Here are some pictures to look

my drawing for face(not include the hair) in F.D (2nd dossier), not too good drawing

this was when I learned to make batik

helped my friend to become her model

st.cathrine party with customize costume

hand made hair band for st cathrine party

thanks for reading

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