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Sunday, March 20, 2011

COSPLAY!! and HAUL ^w^

Yaayyy! Finally me with my sister had a chance to went to a Cosplay event again!

This Cosplay event was held at Living World mall. And you know what, this event is the quiet event we ever went! But still, fun!

I was cosplay as Lady Ciel from Kuroshitsuji with blonde hair color, lol sorry I havent buy the grey one, and My sis was cosplay as Ciel hantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. We came late so we didn't participated on the contest. Though maybe we got a chance for win 

Here's some picture of us! Please be kind If you dont know the character, u can googling it. keyword : ciel phantomhive / lady ciel.

Toys Kingdom Cosplay Event. 

my sis

soo hot! lol


Aaannd this is Me as Lady Ciel #FAILm because of the wig. HAHA

Eye Make Up Zoom

this were taken after we arrived at home and its raining like crazy!

Im going to an event again this sunday. Actually this is my second time cosplaying as Lady Ciel. The first time was at Hello Fest 7. Im so lazy to make costume right now, 
so i just can wear what i have at the moment 

what do you think ? do you like cosplay?

errr, and my latest haul, so random. LOL

Koji new eyelash curler
Fake lashes
Geo WTA63
Geo Sakura Pink


my other Lady ciel photos from Hello Fest.

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