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Monday, April 02, 2012

ES Brand Criss-Cross Fake Lashes

Hollaaaa~~ Konichiwaaa~~ XD, I'm here again with another false lashes review which was sponsored by kkcenterhk. Best store evaaa!! Have so many kind of false lashes to choose with affordable price and for a quick shipping service!, hehehe they even asked me to choose which false lashes I wanted to try. How kind! Love you so much kkcenterhk! Sooooo, to the false lashes, I got a Criss-Cross false lashes design which is has a single cute spiky effect on my eyes!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Eyemazing 501 Harajuku Doll by Kyary Pamyu + my new hair

Hello Ladies (/^▽^)/~~ I'm sure all of you know Kyary right? Her name is Kiriko Takemura, she's a model, blogger and a singer. She has a unique style and I love her song so much, so cute and catchy! Okay, enough about her, lol I'm going to review false lashes anyway.(¬д¬。)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip butter and blogger event by Cosmopolitan (swatches inside)

Last Thursday night I was attended a Candyland nite event by Cosmopolitan and Revlon. I was not in the mood that night because the Traffic is really HORRIBLE! Yeah, what can I expect from Jakarta? And the annoying thing was, a motorcycle hit my car! Damn! How can you drove like that man?!! ヽ( `0´)ノ Please be careful next time, you totally ruined my mood for entire night you know~! After that incident, I came late but the event hasn't begin so I can relax my self for a while. I've met few bloggers too there, priscil, marcell, nisa and mada. I'm sorry I didn't greet and talk much that night, I was really blank and moody.  ╥﹏╥ (hate it)

This event is basically to introduce the new Revlon Lip Butter, I've captured few swatches too that night for share. So, enjoy! (^▽^)

Miss Eye Vaidurya Brown Color Lens review

Hello ladies!!~~ヽ(`◇´)/, aww finally I can make a post again, yesterday I attended an event by Revlon and today I attend a press launch event again by Revlon, I spent my times for captured products and writing (◎_◎;). I'm going to make a review about this color lens first. This contact lens is sponsored by Tomato Shop, a contact lens store which is based in Indonesia. They were so kind to emailed me and let me choose what kind of lens I wanna try. And I decided to choose Miss Eye because this brand is still new in Indonesia and no many people have try it before.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

False lashes arrangement - EOTD - FOTD (Part Two)

Hello ladies ( ゚▽゚)/ ( ゚▽゚)/ ( ゚▽゚)/ , I'm going to make another post of false lashes arrangement again, few of my friends really like this kind of post. They've said they don't need to buy an expensive false lashes brand to have a nice false lashes after saw my post. I was so happy, that actually someone find my post was helpful (-^〇^-). I don't want to become a 'something', but I just love to share it because I really really love false lashes and I hope everyone will love them too.

I'm going to share 1 upper false lashes and 2 lower lashes arrangement on this post. This is the first pair out of the three.。◕‿◕。

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

False lashes arrangement - EOTD - FOTD

Hello ladies v(^-^)v~ , I'm going to share my EOTD with a different false lashes that I've combined~ ♪(´∀`). I hope you're not bored with this kind of post ♥

I always like to have a winged effect false lashes, it make my eyes look more catty and long. That's why I always love to add it on the corner of the false lashes to make it more full on the edge.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Handmade black spiky lower false lashes review

Hello ladies~~(≧∇≦)/, This lower false lashes is sent by BornPrettyStore for a review purpose. I really love this design, with a pointy end with a short an tiny strand between the spiky one. It looks really nice on my lower eyes! ^^ Let's see how it looks and when apply to my eyes.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012 ^-^

Hellooo all my friends and my readers (≧∇≦)/, 2012 is finally coming~ I hope this year will be a great year for all of us! May all the goodness happen with all the hard work of course~ There's no miracle happen without an effort. ^O^
On new year night 2 days ago, I was walking around at PIK with my bro and sis. There's so many cafe and restaurant along the road, we were eating at an Italian cafe, the owner said they've just open the store so there's a promotion there. We were going to eat at other cafe again so we didn't order too much. It's so crowded there, people are celebrate is with their family, some with their friends or lover. There's fireworks everywhere and roads are full of cars, I wonder where all this people coming from, loll.

The dessert is like haaaaveeeennnnnn~~~~ (///∇//)

This is my eotd and fotd that day, I was wearing a black lens and look weird @_@. I've curled my hair before going but it get loose so fast, I forgot to use curl foam before curling because I was in a rush.

I use Dolly wink no.2 and no. 5. Dolly wink no.2 makes the edge of my eyes look really fluffy, looveee it!

 my hair.... loose just about 2 hours..! damn >_< ,almost fainted for walking here and there with heels.

Do you have a new resolution for 2012? My mom said that my workshop (for my boutique) is almost done and I can move there after Chinese New Year, I'm so excited. I'm planning to make this and that, still long way to go but I'll work hard! I've decided my brand too and the concept, but I can't release it just like that. I want to plan it seriously so everything will go smooth and organize. I just hope I can get rid of my laziness (my serious problem) and start to build my own business again, since the workshop is almost done I'm getting so excited again. So many ideas flying in my head but it's not easy to realize.

Once again, Happy new year ladies!! ^-^)v And don't give up with your dreams~ Thanks for reading, love yaaa~!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek 08 Marshmallow Pink+FOTD+EOTD+10for10 Challenge (Picture Heavy)

Helloo Helloooo Hellooooooo (≧∇≦)/, I'm going to make a review and swatch of this cute Canmake cream blush number 8 in Marshmallow Pink now. (what a cute name! (☆ω☆*))

Canmake Cream Cheek in Marshmallow Pink, A pure pink that will give you warm cheeks which will make him want to protect you. Enslave him with cheeks that he'll be unable to resist, wanting to kiss?!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Haul+FOTD+EOTD+Pedicure sparkle swatch

Small haul from online shopping
just arrived yesterday noon.

LA Girls HD Palette Parfait, NYX Soft matte lip color - Tokyo,
Skinfood grapefruit nail remover.

with flash

The color is sooo pretty!!!
without flash

This will look perfect on Gyaru look I think ^O^ *so happy!
with flash

without flash

will do the swatch as soon as I can.


And my FOTD + EOTD last night ^-^
I was in rush so bear for my esedow application,
try to make green smokey look.

try to pose HOT but FAIL!!

face ::
Missha PC bb cream, EDM base buff neutral, Etude house dream on pact,
EGM starlight glow, Revlon chocolate bar.

blush ::
Opera, EGM bali

lips ::
MNY watershine forgot the shade -.-

eyes ::
Opera moistful eye color, EGM mineral e/s bullet train, Mustika ratu smara bumi,
Vov shimmer gray, Etude proof 10 eyeliner, Opera volume control mascara,
MNY unstoppable mascara.

What do you think? ^^
The e/s is more vibrant IRL.



Aaaand Skinfood pedicure sparkle - sparkle red swatches on my toe.

Sorry if it look grosss >___<

Thanks for reading lovelies!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Review+Peacock e/s Play

HELLO! It's time for Skin care review!

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Emulsion n Toner
(For Trouble Skin)

"Relieves skin troubles and controls sebum with long lasting moisture"

Gentle and refreshing, it boots skin suppleness with
anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

Made with nano technology, it relieves skin troubles and control
sebum with Parsley Mandarin extracts. Also contain soothing
dandelion and lily extracts to give long lasting moisture with anti-allergic
and anti bacterial results. Suits day and night use.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

COSPLAY!! and HAUL ^w^

Yaayyy! Finally me with my sister had a chance to went to a Cosplay event again!

This Cosplay event was held at Living World mall. And you know what, this event is the quiet event we ever went! But still, fun!

I was cosplay as Lady Ciel from Kuroshitsuji with blonde hair color, lol sorry I havent buy the grey one, and My sis was cosplay as Ciel hantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. We came late so we didn't participated on the contest. Though maybe we got a chance for win 

Here's some picture of us! Please be kind If you dont know the character, u can googling it. keyword : ciel phantomhive / lady ciel.

Toys Kingdom Cosplay Event. 

my sis

soo hot! lol


Aaannd this is Me as Lady Ciel #FAILm because of the wig. HAHA

Eye Make Up Zoom

this were taken after we arrived at home and its raining like crazy!

Im going to an event again this sunday. Actually this is my second time cosplaying as Lady Ciel. The first time was at Hello Fest 7. Im so lazy to make costume right now, 
so i just can wear what i have at the moment 

what do you think ? do you like cosplay?

errr, and my latest haul, so random. LOL

Koji new eyelash curler
Fake lashes
Geo WTA63
Geo Sakura Pink


my other Lady ciel photos from Hello Fest.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Make Up Play

Make Up Play

PhotobucketTrying my new TSS Pigment~

I've created a look with Beauty Babe and Gothic Glamour

with the bonus

Banana Mochi from fyrinnae too~

A very shimmery yellow~
And I wanna tried out my new etude haul too
I love my new eye glow linerPhotobucket


So this is the 1st look

Pink Gothic

I don't know why it look like this on my cameraPhotobucket
in real it looks gothic pink with a yellow on highlight

And My second look~
Created with my Reog palette

I've promised to make a look for her~

This is inspired by Jessica Alba~
She always use a gold brown and sometimes with a hint of maroon

This is a very natural look~
Hot for summer

Which one do you like?

my face looks tan!!

Whole face

sorry i just wore bb cream n haven't put lip colour

Etude Glassade swatch #11

And due the election, i have done it!!!

Choose the best president for My Country

vote for sby!!



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