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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Geo EyesCream in Vanilla Brown

Hello everyone~~(∘¯̆ᘢ¯̆)و”ꉂ now I'm going to share another design of Geo Eyes Cream. This time is Vanilla brown, my previous review was Rayray Gray, can click the link if you haven't check it.

☆ Information
Made in Korea (GEO)
Water content : 38%
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base curve :
Life span : 6 months

☆ Color : (9/10)
I think the brown color is looks really subtle because it mix with vanilla (creamy color) so it looks so pastel. I love this 3 tone color because it reminds me of Amo's eyes. She usually wears this kind of color lens, delicate color and no black ring. (º﹃º)ෆ⃛ೄ

☆ Pattern : (9/10)
The pattern is same like the rayray gray, my eyes looks bling bling and subtle, like a jewel stone. I think it looks so natural, don't you think so? (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

☆ Comfort : (8/10)
I'm not sure why but this lens is more comfortable than the rayray one, feel quite dry in AC room but still okay. I've wore it more than 6 hours, still feel okay but a bit dry. 

I've never use any eye drop now because I'm lazy haha and it feels not really comfortable after 6 hours because the contact lens start to dry. I must yawn many times to keep my eyes wet, hahaha~ (๑¯▿¯๑)੭ु⁾⁾

☆ Enlargement : (6/10)
This color lens has 14.5mm diameter, it's so standard and gives just slightly enlargement to my eye ball. And since this color lens doesn't has black outer ring, it looks quite natural in my opinion.

I wear soft brown eye make up look, just like Amo~ I think this make up style is so harajuku-ish, amoyamo is so popular in harajuku (they're model for Zipper magazine) and they're singer too. Haha I love their songs a lot ෆ⃛(⑅ ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)꒳ᵒ꒳

I wear Eyemazing Amoyamo in Rose Chocolat, do I need to review the lashes? lol

☆ Overall :
If you're into Amo's style and loves 3 tone natural color lens, you might try this contact lens. But I'm not sure if your eyes is quite sensitive and dry faster, you must try this lens by your self because our eyes is different.

I've never feel any itch feeling or hurt whenever I wear this contact lens. 

I think this contact lens somehow gives that subtle dolly look too (?) lol  (۶்▿்)۶

☆ Where to get ?
I got mine at and you can check the product here

Have a nice day everyone and Good night~~ ( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺·✧

Monday, September 16, 2013

Geo Eyes Cream Series in Rayray Gray

Hello~~ (*≧▽≦)ノ , I got full series of Geo Eyes Cream from, this is new Geo magic color series and I think it's super cute! I usually wear 2 tones brown circle lens because it usually has a black ring on the outer and can make my eyes look bigger just like a doll~ 

But this time, let me share this 3 tone lens with you ladies~ I usually read Zipper now and they mostly wear 3 tones color lens to compliment their look. ( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺·✧

☆ Information
Made in Korea (GEO)
Water content : 38%
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base curve :
Life span : 6 months

☆ Rayray Gray :
I choose the gray color first to review because I rarely wear Gray color lens now. And I got no power lens because my myopia isn't high so I still can see with normal lens, lol.

☆ Color : (9/10)
I love this 3 tone color so much, it looks so bling bling on my eyes. Too bad it doesn't has black outer ring, I think the gray color looks pretty natural too.

☆ Pattern : (9/10)
The pattern is really pretty too, from faraway my eyes looks shiny like a jewel, hahahah. I said I want a bling bling eyes rite and I think this lens is makes me quite satisfied, lol.

☆ Comfort : (7/10)
Even thought the lens is so pretty, it feels quite dry after a while. I think the reason is the Diameter and Base Curve, I usually wear circle lens which bigger than 15mm now so my eyes need adaptation first with this lens.

The lens itself is quite thin but my eyes sometimes can't suit thin circle lens because the lens tends to dry quickly on my eyes.

I can wear this lens for 4-5 hours but it feels quite dry in AC room.

☆ Enlargement : (6/10)
Since this is a 14.5mm diameter lens so what I can expect? lol It does have a slightly enlargement from my real eyeball size but don't expect those dolly eye look. hahha

If you love Amo's style you'll love this lens like me (۶்▿்)۶

☆ Overall :
If you're looking for a 3 tone lens which looks natural, you can try this color lens. Or if you want to try Harajuku style eye make up, can try this lens too, it compliments the look~!

If you have a small eye shape this 14.5mm lens will look good on you, because it isn't too big. It feels quite comfortable in AC room, up to 5 hours! In normal temperature can be longer for sure, hahaha~

☆ Where to Get?
I got mine at kindly check the product 'here'. Their service is really good and fast, I got this cute monkey case too from them. Thank you so much eyecandys~~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Geo Xtra Bella Brown Review

Hello (≧∇≦)/, it's been a long time I didn't make any circle lens review. Circle lens is a must have item for my make up accessory, without circle lens I feel something missing. It complete my gyaru make up and without circle lens my make up will look so weird, lol! (///∇//)

In this post, i'm going to share my experience with Geo Xtra Bella in Brown.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Geo Starmish Brown by Mai Hirose

My sponsor Tomato Shop sent me this Geo Princess Mimi Starmish lens weeks ago. I really love brown color lens because it look so good with my hair. This new series of Geo debut by Mai Hirose, Popteen Model aka Maimai. I always adore her eye make up and her smile. She looks so Genki! (^▽^)❤

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Geo Edge Color Nine - Red Wine/Hazel

I wonder why circle lens diameter is become bigger and bigger now ≧△≦?. Lately, I received 19.5mm diameter and I was like "wtf?" hahahahha (゜∀゜). I was looking for a normal diameter circle lens for daily wear. I feel big diameter lens sometimes is too much for daily wear ⊙▽⊙. So, my sponsor TomatoShop sent me this circle lens for try, aww they're so kind! 
This is a new series from Geo which has 14,2mm diameter, hmm quite normal right? (゜∀゜)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geo Xtra Flower Bonaire Blue

Hellooooooo ladies(≧∇≦)/  !! How are you?? Lol, I'm so busy with comicou now and that makes me don't have time for writing review ≧△≦. But, I'm back! For now.. Hahahha, now I'm going to share a quick review about new Circle lens I got from Mukuchu. They have SALE on their website now, please kindly check it out!

They sent me Geo Xtra Flower Bonaire Blue for review purpose. I never tried this series before from Geo because the color look not really obvious. My eyes is super dark so I need brighter color lens, lol. But let's see how it look on my eyes. Ne? (///∇//)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green x Free Day

Princess Mimi/Bambi Series is a contact lens series which is designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka. I really love Princess Mimi Brown, that was my favorite color lens last year. I bought this Mimi Green one year ago but haven't open it until last week, lol. That because I have so many circle lens at the moment @__@ and it makes me forget about this lens. So, last thursday I was come to my best friend birthday 'Mey'. And I decided to wear this Bambi lens that day. I was really excited because finally I can open this lens after one year!!!  (¬‿¬) HAHAHA

Monday, May 21, 2012

Geo Big Grang Grang Chocolate

Hello, I'm back with another Circle Lens review ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. This time is sponsored by Mukuchu, they kindly sent this new Grang Grang series to me. Thanks God, I got the Chocolate color from them because I already had the Brown one! XD , Please kindly check their website here, their store is based in Australia. Beside of Circle Lens, they sell Japanese fashion too!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Geo Big Grang Grang Brown

Lately, Geo lens has released many circle lens with 15mm diameter with so many unique and cute design. And in Indonesia, I think Geo lens is the most popular lens now because it's so easy to get here. I got this circle lens from Christina by won her giveaway which was sponsored by Lens Village. Thank you (≧▽≦)ノ, I really love Circle lens so I don't really mind which one to try, but I choose Grang Grang Brown instead of Choco because this color is look more obvious.

 Diameter : 15 mm
 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Geo Sakura Pink Review

Hello!!!! (≧∇≦)/  I want to make another Geo Lens review (again), I bought this contact lens few months ago but just opened this last week. This lens diameter is 15mm which same like my Geo WT lens and Geo Princess Mimi lens.◕ ‿◕ 

Look at the Pattern design, this lens has a brown ring on the outer surface and pink circle inside. I like this brown ring instead of black ring in this design, cause it makes your eyes look natural and not Fake. Also has an enlargement effect but not as much as Princess mimi Lens, this Sakura Pink lens looks not over bold because of the brown ring.

Take a look when I'm using this lens.

Day Light

Room Light

♔ LOVE ♔
ღ Not look fake
ღ The brown Ring makes it look natural
ღ Comfortable
ღ Makes my eyes look bigger but not over

♔ HATE ♔
ღ Get dry in AC room

ღ Diameter : 15mm
ღ Life Span : 1 year
ღ BC : 8.6 mm
ღ Water content :38%
ღ Plano only

☆ Comfort : 9/10
☆ Pattern : 9/10
☆ Enlargement : 8/10
☆ Color : 8/10

This Geo Sakura Pink 15mm lens is more comfortable than the Princess Mimi one~ ⊙▽⊙ , I'm wear it today while my eyes is pretty dry today and I feel so comfortable for more than 5 hours. ^-^

                               using Flash


                        With natural Room Light

These are my natural look FOTD today with wear this lens, I just go for eat sushi with my bf so I didn't use much make up. Thanks for reading everyone~
Hope it helps (^▽^) /

**** updated with other look when wearing this lens ^^

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi Brown Bambi Series Review

Hello Ladies~! (≧∇≦)/  Now I want to make a famous color lens in Japan, Bambi Brown/ Princess mimi brown which is sponsored by GalLover.

Gal Lover sell many contact lens from many brand like Barbie Eye, Geo, Candy Magic and other brands with many design and style that you can choose! GalLover kindly sent me 1 pair of Geo Princess Mimi Brown which known as Bambi Series and designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka. I'm so happy when received this contact lens yesterday, this contact lens is really really pretty!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Geo Xtra WT-A03 Green 15mm Review

HELLOOO! *excited with no reason* (≧∇≦)/
I'm so excited coz many people been asking bout this lens since the first time I wear it.
No everyone lah, just people who interested with contact lens.
So, I made this review and shaaree with all of you ladies, this lens is so pretty!
Really, I love the pattern and everything about it!
I've been using this lens for month, almost every week, it looks natural in room light, not over, and make my eyes look catty and big. love it! love it! >‿<

Now, I'm going to share 4 pictures of me wearing this contact lens in different eye make up.

What do you think?? Love it or Hate it? haha

♔ LOVE ♔ 
☆ make my eyes big
☆ cat effect
☆ it's not look so fake
☆ comfort

♔ HATE ♔ 
☆ dry in air conditioner room

☆ Comfort : 8/10
☆ Pattern : 10/10 (i really love this pattern)
☆ Enlargement : 9/10
☆ Color : 10/10

I really love this lens, can't think say anything anymore, just grab this contact lens if you love it too! Hurry~~~~ and tell me! ◕ ‿◕

Thanks for reading ladies! Hope it helps ⊙▽⊙
I'll post a tutorial soon, just a simple one for ppl who new to make up. hehe well i'm not expert though, but I want to make a tutorial since it's the highest on the vote. Please support me okay, Love you all!  (///∇//)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Geo Super Nudy Brown Circle Lens Review

Geo is my favorite Korean brand contact lenss, why?????
Because it has soo many design to try!
And I never had a problem using this lens, it's easy to get too in my country
and You can get it online too in PinkyParadise.

This contact lens isn't brand new, but to think about it I NEVER
made a proper review for this lens, and someone has asked me
a brown contact lens which quite big and comfortable to use.
So I decide to made this contact lens review.

It's too bad I tear it accidentally, So I can't use it again now, 
you can see how this lens look on my eyes, I only use it for this review.
It looks natural without flash though.

room lightning

with flash 01

with flash 02

And this is how it looks on my eyes few month ago, I love this lens though, I wore it for almost 8 hours and still feel good. But I need to drop few lens solution to my eyes before took it out. This lens is great to use if you have brown hair, so gyaruish! XD

Compare to Geo Nudy Brown (14mm) , I love nudy brown color more than Geo SUPER nudy brown, because nudy brown color is like a soft brown color and this SUPER nudy one is more brown or I should say it looks more bold.

♔ Color : 7/10
♔ Enlargement : 8/10
♔ Comfort : 9/10
♔ Design : 8/10

♔ Diameter : 14.8

Btw, please vote on my blog if you haven't, still 4 days left ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 
Thanks for always reading my blog, I didn't expect someone is actually reading what I write and though sometimes is boring but still someone has reading it! I'm so happy and will keep writing and sharing what I thought >‿<

To my daily routine : now I'm currently make a simple shirt for my mom,
I hope I can finish it this week! She'll be happy If I finish it soon ◕ ‿◕

Monday, May 23, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Gray Bambi Series Review

Geo Lens is probably my fave Korean Lens brand at the moment. It's comfortable and the price is affordable. I have tried Geo 14mm, 14.7mm, 14.8mm and 15mm until now. So far the most comfortable lens is Mimi series, 15mm. I got this Princess Mimi Gray because when I saw Tsubasa wear it, it looks so pretty and cute. I think gray color is really suit dark hair. XD

The pattern is really unique and the 3 tone color is really pretty.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Geo XCK105 Dolly Black Lens Review and Circle Lens Haul

Yaay, finally my new Geo lens coming~ ^O^ All this lenses are not mine, mine is only 1 pair, Super nudy brown. 2 of this lenses are my sister's, and the rest are her friend's.
There are nudy blue, nudy brown, magic circle, super nudy grey and super nudy brown.
Geo Medical Lens from Korea


Nudy Brown

Nudy Blue

Super nudy Grey

As you can see, nudy brown(14mm) and super nudy brown(14.8mm) has a big difference. Nudy brown which has a more nude color and super nudy brown which the colour is more darker than nudy brown.

I haven't try super nudy brown, but I think the comfort is same as super nudy grey which I have.


Geo Super dolly black

This black circle lens has 14.7mm diameter.
code XCK 105

See the difference? It's huge!

updated:Here's my random pictures when wearing this circle lens.

This lens is make your eyes look more bigger, black and dolly look. You can put make up on to make it more uljjang look. But, be careful to not look like alien 8D
This lens is kinda thick than Super nudy lens, but still comfortable. I always use contact lens while i was watching movie in the cinema, and It still okay.

Overall rating:
Comfort : 8/10
Color : 9/10 (very black)
Design : 8/10


Today, finally I was eating at Soto Haji Mamat again!! I was sick from last two days and it was really bad. Im lazy to go to a doctor, but I felt so so sick and finally went to a doctor. It's more better now.
Soto Haji Mamat is located at Gading Serpong.
Imagine how delicious is this?? yuummmmmm! It's like stir-fry meat with onion and a bowl of soto soup with coconut milk. It was sooo goood!!! I eat everything, HAHA!

After that, My BF went to cut his hair and bought a cup of frozen yogurt. Then we sat and talked about our wishlist, lol. Looks like my wishlist is won, because I really want many things right now.

This is the place where we talked. It was really peaceful there.

Frozen yogurt, luv it! Lovely dessert. But I didn't eat it today coz my throat didn't feel well.

Posing, with no make up on :p just wore casual t-shirt that day, hahahhahahah
My hubby! with his new hair, lol.  His old hair was look like Justin Bieber!wtf XD

Thanks for reading!

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