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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki x Everyday Minerals Flat Top

Heelllooooooo~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ  Someone has requested me to do this review, to compare Sigma flat top and EDM flat top brush, actuallyyy I'm lazy to do this post because my grammar isn't good, I'm afraid you'll not understand what I'm going to say, lmao XDD . But yeah, here I am.. hope you can understand what I'm saying)( ≧Д≦)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eyeliner Review + Mineral Blush Swatch

Hello! ^O^ /
Im going to give QUICK eyeliner review and my mineral blush swacthes.

The brand is ::
MAD Gel liner - black out
VOV good bye eye pender eyeliner
Etude house proof 10
Pixy eyeliner

Pixy eyeliner seems to be the most darker shade and look so unnatural IMO.

 Okay! VOV is completely fall!

 Rub with fingers

 With eye make up remover - twice

With eye make up remover (hard) 

Remove all of it. Etude & Pixy seems to leave some left residue.

Conclusion ::

The most good staying power :: MAD
The most blackest shade :: Pixy
The most not tender :: MAD

VOV is look like a thin plastic after dry.
Pixy's color is like a black ink than a black eyeliner, I don't like the texture.
Etude color isn't really black IRL, its nice for natural look.
MAD is nice for long wear but I don't like a gel texture >_<\.

You can look at the piktures again.


Okay, so my friends request me to swatches my mineral blush collection.
Cause she wanna try a mineral blush, and okay I'll give a quick swatch and review.

 with FLASH


 Rub with finger to test the staying power.

Wipes with make up remover twice.
seems okay!

Completely clean it. You still can see some pink and peach color IRL.

All colors is so vibrant and pretty.
And has good staying power!
EXCEPT EGM BALI  (you can see it on the pictures)
The texture is soo powdery and can't blend well, has 0 staying power!
Definitely not recommended.

That's it!
Sorry for a short review of it.
Im preparing my luggage for a trip this Friday!
I'll be on hiatus and back next week with many post coming~

Thanks for reading! Love ya!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybelline vs Everyday Mineral + my 1st ugly sewing

Maybelline "Peach Satin" Mousse Blush 
Everyday Mineral "All Smiles" Blush

Okay, i want to do a quick review here~
I think they are actually have a same tone colour, but All Smiles is a little dark i think~
Peach Satin is really good for ur everyday make up or for Ur nude make up.
It looks really soft and fresh~
That's why it wont show on my face i think.

But if u used Peach Satin first then have a quick dust with All Smiles on Ur cheek, It becomes more vibrant and I really really love it!

no flash

with flash
(peach satin is a really sweet and young colour!)

and here i compare those two with my Red Earth Teracotta blush (peach satin is more suit Fair to Medium skin, and all smiles it suits all skin, teracotta is more darker).

This peachy tone is nice for everyday make up and summer! And all smiles is actually matte but i swatch peach satin first with my fingertips and it's kinda has a soft shimmer on it, so all smiles is becomes a little shiny~ but it's really okay  And teracotta is have a golden shiny when u use it.


And for a bonus here! I'll show you what I did yesterday and it's quite embarrassing
I tried sewing for the first time yesterday and I didn't make any pattern before it.
Just a trial sewing with material from my unused pants
And see what i've did..~

Beware it's really ugly (okay please don't laugh!!!!)

I try to make this brush pouch.LOL.Well, i swear i'll make a better one again~
lol, but this time i must make some pattern first~ I need to learn it! >.<

*wish me luck ladies~*

I'm still loving it, because it's my handmade. Hehe >w<

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