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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eyeliner Review + Mineral Blush Swatch

Hello! ^O^ /
Im going to give QUICK eyeliner review and my mineral blush swacthes.

The brand is ::
MAD Gel liner - black out
VOV good bye eye pender eyeliner
Etude house proof 10
Pixy eyeliner

Pixy eyeliner seems to be the most darker shade and look so unnatural IMO.

 Okay! VOV is completely fall!

 Rub with fingers

 With eye make up remover - twice

With eye make up remover (hard) 

Remove all of it. Etude & Pixy seems to leave some left residue.

Conclusion ::

The most good staying power :: MAD
The most blackest shade :: Pixy
The most not tender :: MAD

VOV is look like a thin plastic after dry.
Pixy's color is like a black ink than a black eyeliner, I don't like the texture.
Etude color isn't really black IRL, its nice for natural look.
MAD is nice for long wear but I don't like a gel texture >_<\.

You can look at the piktures again.


Okay, so my friends request me to swatches my mineral blush collection.
Cause she wanna try a mineral blush, and okay I'll give a quick swatch and review.

 with FLASH


 Rub with finger to test the staying power.

Wipes with make up remover twice.
seems okay!

Completely clean it. You still can see some pink and peach color IRL.

All colors is so vibrant and pretty.
And has good staying power!
EXCEPT EGM BALI  (you can see it on the pictures)
The texture is soo powdery and can't blend well, has 0 staying power!
Definitely not recommended.

That's it!
Sorry for a short review of it.
Im preparing my luggage for a trip this Friday!
I'll be on hiatus and back next week with many post coming~

Thanks for reading! Love ya!

Friday, June 26, 2009

EG Mineral Swatch

Last day, i've posted my EG Mineral haul and few item's were wrong~
sob~ I totally sad! Coz i really want the Starlight glow~

And if u want to purchase EG Mineral, it's lil bit tricky. The colors are different.
Would be better if u see some swatch first.

Now for the swatches, Start from blushes~

Cundado Beach

The web said, it's tanned cool pink with brown tones.
This shade is really shimmery and has glitters. It's so pretty though.
Makes your face look warm and glowy.

Shade from the web


Medium Rose

This color is has a soft rose shade with a hint of peachy color.

shade from the web



Vibrant Pink Blush with Matte finish.
Ideal for Medium to Deep Skin Tones.
I think this shade is look like rosy pink color with a soft brown tone.

Shade from the web


(sound familiar huh? :p)

Bali is a beautiful matte light plum/taupe, colored blush with a soft smooth finish.
Ideal for most skin tones.

This color is nice for shading but I don't like the texture.



A matte blush for fair skin tones that typically find blusher too colorful for their delicate coloring. Tonga is a splendid blend of light coral, pink, and lilac together creating a beautiful everyday color for those with various skin tones that are very light in coloring.

I find this blush is nice for warming my face a lil bit, especially in the morning my face always look so pale. But, this blush is really really sheer IMHO. 

shade from the web

The Swatches

with flash
(cundado beach,medium rose,carmindy,bali,tonga)



Their cheeks on blusher and blusher collection it's lovely!
A bit shimmer and really pigmented IMO. But their matte blush is too powdery~ Not so into it.
So, for now, my favourite are Cundado Beach, Medium Rose,
and Carmindy!
Tonga and Bali textures are really horrible, geezzz!
Enough for the blushes and now for the eyeshadows.



Shock is a smokey blue with beautiful golden and subtle silver backdrop

Shade from the web


Bullet Train
(from underground collection)

A very unique combination of Blue/Gray/Silver. It looks like a midnight army green color. So pretty and nice.

shade from the web


with flash



"Pigmented and subtle!
I just touch it a little on my finger and then swatch it on my hands without a base~
Love this colour."

so messy after moving samples in jar!! I haven't moved the High Def Pro and my Eyebrow powder 'Liz', coz i need to talk to the seller first about the wrong shipping item.

Okay and she already told me that she will send the Starlight Glow tomorrow~
Can't wait!!!
And she'll cut back my next payment from the wrong item. She's so nice and pro. :D
(I still waiting my The She Space pigment and my EM Foundie sample)


About High Deffinition Pro

creates a poreless, glass like, soft focus photo finish.
Sets foundation and creates a matte look without changing color.
Also helps to combat oil breakthrough.
This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections.
Completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look.
One universal shade for all skin tones.

This is definitely for oily skin but not for very dry skin.
I haven't try this and my skin is not to oily.
So the review is coming soon!


Starlight Clear Glow

Starlight Clear gently buffs to a subtle sheen
and slightly lightens/highlights the area where applied.

Can't wait to try this!

Thanks for reading

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