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Monday, May 16, 2011

Review : Baviphat Mango Magic Brightening Mask

Baviphat Mango Magic Brightening Mask

3 minute magic mask. Have you heard it before?
This mask is once appear in magazine as the best seller mask in Korea.
It has yellow beads in the mask.
Use it for 3 minute, then u can see a thin oxygen bubles
on the mask, go wash it!
Don't use it too long, I think the best time is about
3-5 minute for best result.

I have 8 samples of this mask. And each mask can be use
2-3 times. At first I use this mask twice a week.
But I've bought many mask now, so I only use this mask
once a week.

What I think about this mask?
# The smell is absolutely lovely! (・∀・) 
# Makes your skin look brighter and not dull.
# Brightening my spot just after use it.

Regular use of this mask, makes ur skin look soft,
bright and not dull.

I love to use whitening/brightening product on my face,
because I had many spots and scars over my face.
It because of chicken-pox sick, acne, ultraviolet harm,
you know I can have dark spot easily.
Using whitening and brightening product can prevent dark
spot and makes my skin look brigt and not dull.

I know my skin is fair, but brightening product doesn't makes
my skin looks white pale and unhealthy. ^^

Purchase this product again? Yes!
I want buy the full size of this product, but I'm afraid..
this product shouldn't contact oxygen IMO for best result.
I think they should make this mask like pump, so it won't
directly contact our skin and oxygen.

Thanks for reading beauties!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

**PRODUCT REVIEW** check it out ^^ (Part Two)

Now, Im going to give review about
Crystal Colagen eyelid patch from Deckout Women,
which i looovee so much!
It use to reduce your dark circle and soften
your eyes area.

Ingredient : aqua, glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium polyacylate,
tartaricacid, grape seed oil, retinyl palmitate(vitamin A),
tocophbryl acetate(vitamin E), BHT, methylparaben, fragaben,
fragrance, phyto-collagen, aloe vera, green tea extract,
plum extract.

Use it Once a Week.

My dark circle color is more like dark brown,
i think my dark circle is

What I think?

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe patch is like jelly and rich in moisture.
Pixel Icons at Ego Boxmy dark circle look bit brighter after use.
Pixel Icons at Ego Boxmy eyes area become so soft and supple.
Pixel Icons at Ego BoxReduce lines around eyes a little.

What I don't Like : because its containing Methylparaben.

Purchase again? I don't know, since i love it maybe Yes.
But since it has methylparaben maybe I'm looking to other product first. Pixel Icons at Ego Box

U can't really see the result in photos. Photobucket

my dark circle looks more brighter,
and it soften my eye area.
I have an insomnia and sleep only few hours.

Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel

Okay, i got 3 samples of this peeling gel.
And since now, i have use it all.





It claims to : Makes your skin brighter, thightening pore,
peeling ur dead skin, makes your skin soft, supple and clean.

What I think :

- The smells is so cute and yummy! a gentle peach smell.
- The texture is like a mashed peach (?), sorry
i dont know how to say it.
- Makes your skin feel soft and supple.
- I don't see any peeling effect.
- My pore seems a bit different, its not smaller
but just look a lil visible (only after u use it!)
- The massage process before u clean it its kinda fun
(lol sorry for my silly comment!)

Purchase again? NO. That's why i just try the samples.
1 sachet u can use it for 2 times.

Thanks for reading my review!
Im going to review Skin79 bb cream,
TSF Salmon eye brightening cream,
and TSF Peach sake serum next time.


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