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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Happy Mother's Day 2023

Mom is the definition of simplicity. Even with what she and Dad have, they shy away from flashy things. It's just not their style, you know? They often get teased by their friends for being considered wealthy, yet their style remains simple. The funny thing is, they don't care because worldly luxuries aren't their priority. They value comfort and long-term financial security more. 

From ground zero, my parents built everything we have today. Their hard work paved the way for us to enjoy a comfortable life. We always carry that thought with us. It's why we find so much inspiration in their way of life. Sure, we might lean a bit more toward splurging, but we don't easily get swept away by fancy stuff. My siblings and I believe that our true value isn't about what we wear. What truly makes us proud is the harmony and closeness in our family. 💕 

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