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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

OLENS Russian Silver Review

OLENS is currently my favourite contact lens at the moment. I believe in their contact lens quality and the history of their company. Btw, this isn't a paid post or whatsoever, I really love OLENS, that's why I want to share it on my blog. :)

Russian Silver OLENS

Recently, I have tried this Russian Silver contact lens from OLENS. At that time, I was looking for a natural grey contact lens that is great for daily and comfortable. I tried to pick this one, and Sarah was kindly prepared this for me. Thanks, Sarah! :)

OLENS contact lens

Russian Silver
One day

Total diameter: 14.2 mm
Graphic diameter: 13.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 48%
Material: Hema
Power: 0.00~-10.00

I was attracted to this contact lens because I think the grey colour is super beautiful, you can check it here. You'll notice that the grey tone has a little bit of gold splash on the middle of the lens. It looks so unique, mysterious and sparkling at the same time. I really want to see how it looks on my eyes.

One day contact lens comes with 10 pairs or 20 pairs per box. If you only want to try and see which one suits you best, I recommend you to purchase their welcome kit and pick your favourite one to try.

In this post, I tried to wear this contact lens with a minimal makeup so the colour of the contact lens will pop more and dominate the look. Although it's grey, it has a little bit blueish tone and a little bit of gold on the middle. It blends nicely with my natural black eye colour. I also think that the diameter is perfect, it makes the outcome looks so natural, like my natural eye colour.

OLENS contact lens

I could see the mysterious and special effect this contact lens brings to my eyes, it makes me look like a mixed Asian kids, lol. This picture was taken under natural light near the window so you could see how it looks like in real life. In room light, it looks more more natural imo.

How about the comfort? Okay, I'm not trying to become bias or what but this one day contact lens is really comfortable to wear all day. I don't even need to put any eye drops, that's why I love one day contact lens from OLENS so much.

olens russian silver one day

Is Russian Silver suitable for you?
If only you're not against anything special and extraordinary. :)
This is not ordinary contact lens, it has special grey tone with a little bit of gold. It will make your eyes look unconventional.

If you don't mind being different, get this contact lens and try it yourself. But, if you want something that looks super natural and innocent, get something familiar like the Vivi series.

Btw, please kindly use my code= 'cominica' to get extra discount on the website! If you live somewhere far from South Korea, don't worry, they ship worldwide and fast. They offer a free standard shipping over $100 purchase, so you can ask your friends to join order together to save some shipping fee. Hope it helps girls, stay beautiful~!

Is there any contact lens from OLENS that you would like me to review? Please let me know by the comment box below! :)

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