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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Cute Kawaii Pastel Tops

Hi girls, how are you? I hope we are well and in God's protection. I know Covid-19 has hit us hard, and we all struggle with our own problems. I also experienced it and found it difficult. One of the things that could make me happy is some cute clothes. As women, we want to feel beautiful and happy, aren't we? In this post, I don't wear any makeup on my skin and eyes, I just draw my eyebrows to frame my face. I want to embrace my natural beauty, and I want you to do the same too. :)

Pastel cute tops

I want to feel comfortable with my own skin and at the same time, have fun with some new cute clothes! My bare face isn't for loungewear only, I can wear my cute clothes confidently too with my natural face.

Cute Purple Plaid Top
I heart this cute and sweet purple top. It's perfect for spring/summer season because the material is light and comfortable on the skin. Well, t-shirts isn't the only option for summer tho, isn't it?

purple plaid top

Milkmaid crop top with short puff sleeves
The internet is crazy about puff sleeves now, and me too! I think puff sleeves are really cute and girly. It also makes me feel young again because it looks like a baby clothes, lol. You can wear this lovely crop top with skirt, legging, shorts, and even joggers!

purple crop top

Flowy Off-shoulder top with flower pattern
This lovely top comes in a pretty blue shade with some pink flowers on it. It looks super feminine with the open shoulder style with some puffy effect on the sleeves. It looks super cute and perfect for many occasion.

sweet flower top

Pink vintage-look crop top
A spring/summer essential because the colour is so pretty and fresh. I love how it has a heart shape on the chest and flatter my collar bone. The crop top also comes with long sleeves and a little bit puffy. Umm, did I say puffy? Do you notice how popular the puffy-sleeves nowadays? Short or long, both of them are available anywhere. I also notice that most of my clothes now have puffy sleeves, lol.

cute pink top

I realise that all of the clothes I got here are super super kawaii. They have pastel colours and will look so so lovely for a date with my husband. I feel comfortable in wearing them with my bare face. it makes me look sweet and innocent, lol. I never expected that, I just want to show you that you are beautiful in your own skin. You don't have to wear makeup to wear cute clothes as long as you feel happy and content. Now, our mandatory accessory when going out is a mask to protect us from Covid-19. So, let's go out, put some cute clothes on and don't forget the mask.

Stay safe ladies and girls, xx!

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