Thursday, May 28, 2020

Morning Yoga Routine

Hi guys, I'm back in the blogging sphere lately, and I'm very content these days. One of the reasons is because I can manage my mental health quite well. Besides that, I've noticed that my severe insomnia is getting a little bit better as well.

I started my morning yoga routine around 3 weeks ago. My counsellors have advised this to me a few months ago, but I never really put attention to it. Mainly, because I felt hopeless and not confident with my self. It was hard to come out, but it's worth it.

Thank God, I can manage it very well these days. This is a long journey.

One thing about mental health, if you want to feel better and more positive, you have to do exercises daily. Just a slow and steady stretching is enough. Or, a laid-back walk after work at your local park.

I've realized when I stopped doing exercises daily, my body and my brain can't function normally. Everything seems so hard, and it was hard to get back to the routine as well.

I began my first workout when I was in the Uni, it was probably around 2005. It wasn't much but I tried to tone my body slowly at that time. I remember I slipped into some gym classes during break. I did some classes three to five times per week. It was not bad.

Three weeks ago, I decided that I must start this exercise routine NOW. So, I woke up in the morning, forced my self despite my lack of sleep because of my severe insomnia. I put my mat on the floor and started my first beginner yoga stretch.

I meditated for a few minutes as well, it was not much but it was a good start. I wanted to start everything slow and steady, not going to force my self.

Slowly but steady, everything seems to be clear again. My body begins to reap the benefit of just morning yoga. It's amazing. What a wonderful month!

I wanna thank God for the chance and thank my self for taking the time do to this every morning. I will commit to doing morning yoga every day. It's almost a month now and I never skip a day.

I just want to share this experience with you, and I hope you can try to do some light exercises as well. Don't do the hardcore workout just to shred your weight, it won't stay like that forever. You have to add this routine to your lifestyle, something you need to do every day for your health.

Even if you don't have mental disorders, you still will get the benefits. I can guarantee that.

Just a light exercise could be beneficial for us, both physically and mentally. Don't be lazy. Our body is our temple, be responsible and we'll be rewarded. :)

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