Monday, April 13, 2020

Stay at Home fashion

During these three weeks of lockdown, I think I started to feel unbalanced. Oh well, I was utterly foolish naturally but this is on a different level. With all those coronavirus news everywhere, it drives everyone mad.

Mad about staying at home despite the sunny weather. Mad because of all the cancelled summer trips. Mad about almost everything because this pandemic serves great distress to all of us.

I've noticed that my 'overcoming' journey in my mental health is not been so great. I mean, everything seems not fun anymore? With me being a potato from head to toe every single day, it's like declaring my self to be one of the soil residents.

Then I decided to have a little fun by my self. It's not so hard. The first thing I do is stopping my self to be spoiled as a potato. I have decided to dress up even though I'm at home. Wear something fancier by providing my self with some casual loungewear, I guess it's not so wrong eh?

Feeling pretty is good for my mental health, lol.

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