Monday, April 13, 2020

Stay at Home fashion

During these three weeks of lockdown, I think I started to feel unbalanced. Oh well, I was utterly foolish naturally but this is on a different level. With all those coronavirus news everywhere, it drives everyone mad.

Mad about staying at home despite the sunny weather. Mad because of all the cancelled summer trips. Mad about almost everything because this pandemic serves great distress to all of us.

I've noticed that my 'overcoming' journey in my mental health is not been so great. I mean, everything seems not fun anymore? With me being a potato from head to toe every single day, it's like declaring my self to be one of the soil residents.

Then I decided to have a little fun by my self. It's not so hard. The first thing I do is stopping my self to be spoiled as a potato. I have decided to dress up even though I'm at home. Wear something fancier by providing my self with some casual loungewear, I guess it's not so wrong eh?

Feeling pretty is good for my mental health, lol.

Recently, we have a few days straight of abundant sunlight, it is lovely. However, last night was a little bit cold and windy, and when I checked the news, it was the storm. It wasn't easy to fall asleep last night with all those sounds outside, I was afraid that our roof might be blown away by the wind.

Even though we have the sun but sometimes the temperature is still freezing.

This neon green oversized sweater is a saver. A few days ago, I have packed all my winter clothes in some boxes, carried out my spring/summer clothes and organize them in my wardrobe. I attempt to be ready for the summer. Considering the weather is changing fast now, I guess it's best to provide some outfit that is suitable for the weather.

I discovered that this knitted sweater is perfect for the spring breeze. The weather in the UK switch really fast, it might be sunny today and cold tomorrow. An oversized knitwear piece is absolutely a gem in this changing weather, plus the neon green colour makes me happy.

Besides the wind, I found last week was the warmest days so far in 2020. It was oddly warm in spring, and I need some T-shirts. I don't desire any ordinary t-shirt at home at the present time because I want to look less like a potato.

This t-shirt dress is my pick and I wear this almost every day now at home. The material is good and soft on my skin. It fits nicely on my figure and the white horizontal stripe on the middle is on-point. My husband compliments me many times because of this piece, he said this t-shirt looks attractive inside or outside the house. Well, that's good to hear.

Another recommended piece for stay-at-home fashion is, of course, loungewear. This pink top and bottom set comes in a stretchy – thin fabric that is comfortable for spring/summer season. It is excellent for lazying around the bed and sofa while reading my favourite book.

I enjoy wearing this for a moderate exercise because of the flexible material. The pant is pliable enough for a basic pilates at home. I want something comfortable that is not restricting me from moving, plus I love how practical and cute this collection is.

This stunning pink loungewear is stylish to wear outdoor for a quick walk exercise during the lockdown. I know we can't hang out like the normal days but a short walk is better than nothing, isn't it? I usually go outside for a short walk for 15 minutes, more or less. It is a moderate exercise that is beneficial for our physical and mental health.

The government allows us to do an exercise once a day like jogging but remember that we must apply social distancing outside. When I jog with my husband, we only do it for our health. We try to run for a short time to get some Vit D from the sun. Our body will get some benefits from the exercise.

I don't have many joggers in my wardrobe so I'd like to get some. This dark grey cuffed jogger is trendy and chic. It is just a simple basic jogger but the material is soooo soft and comfortable. At first, I was a little bit doubtful because I want a jogger that comes with a soft material that is warm from the wind but comfortable for a run and stylish for everyday wear.

This jogger is also available in many different colours like pink, blue and black. I also love how the drawstring is hidden as well, it is different from other joggers. 

If you adore celebrity fashion, you will notice that joggers are really a popular fashion item among k-pop idols and also in Hollywood. I think I get it now. The comfortable aspect of sporty stuff is needed for daily wear and from the style perspective, it is casually chic. So, it is perfect for a sporty person but also fashionable at the same time for fashion lovers. I can pair this jogger with the most basic pieces I have in my wardrobe, and I love it.

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