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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Outfit Coordination from Casual Chic to Girly

Some of you had noticed that my outfit coordination is changing a little bit. I used to like frilly dresses, anything with lace, something extra feminine and cute. But as you guys know, since I moved to the UK, I tried to challenge my self with something new. Seeking a different style is exciting for me, especially if it's something out from my comfort zone. For example, wearing body-fit clothes means that I'm considerably comfortable with my own body and that's the hardest thing.

For my whole teenage life, people around me used to shamed my body and made fun of it. Well, that's how people in my country make jokes, lame jokes to be exact.

And when I was into Gyaru and Kawaii (well, I still ;) honestly), some people started to laugh and stated that I'd not be able to pull off any other style other than that. Just because I looked good in kawaii/feminine style, that doesn't mean that I won't look good in any different stuff other than that. I still keep lots of my kawaii-girly things in Indonesia; I don't think I could sell them away.

My husband gives me a lot of freedom to explore my self; make-up, fashion, or anything I want to learn, nothing changes except my daily routine and my responsibility as a wife.

He gave me some encouragement to try a different fashion style, not to leave kawaii but to have a broader choice of a wardrobe collection in the future.

Lately, I got some clothes of my choice from FEMME LUXE and combined them to my daily outfit. I just got four cute pieces from them before my holiday to Europe; I'm going to share them with all of you, so you know where I get my clothes.

They are all super cute and comfy, plus the material is excellent.

1. Black Circle Cut Crop Top (Hanna) - in size 8 (UK)

2. Grey Cuffed Joggers (Zoey) - in size S/M (8/10)

I wore both Hanna & Zoey for a casual day out with my husband. We went grocery shopping and visited some stores near our house. It was nice because the weather wasn't too hot or cold, and the joggers could protect me from the harsh wind.

3. Black Halter Neck Button Jumpsuit (Vicky) - in size 8 (UK)

It was a lovely day in London. I went to dye my hair in the snug room with Chinatsu. It was a beautiful ash purple tone, overall was great, but the new bleached hair didn't soak in all the purple, so it was a bit uneven if you see it in real life. Nevertheless, I wore this chic halter neck jumpsuit in black and loved it so much! I received a lot of compliments because it makes me look taller.

4. Rose Flare Sleeve Front Tie Top (Jillian) - size 8 (UK)

the colour is slightly different in different lighting

A scorching day in Aix-en-Provence. This little town is very romantic and relaxed, so I want to wear something girly to feel young again (lol). That day we went to walk at Cours Mirabeau and visited one art gallery at Hotel de Caumont. This top has light material, so even though the sleeve is long, it didn't get me sweating.

So far, I'm satisfied with all the product I got from them, but since most of their clothes have this sexy vibes, I have to feel confident with my own body. I think it's a good thing; I start to feel less burden now. In the UK, I see women wearing any clothes they want without feeling any intimidation from men or judgment from other women. It's a positive environment that makes me start to accept my self more than before.

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