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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Casual Summer Co-ords

Hi guys, last week I received another set of clothes for this season from Femme Luxe. Instead of four pieces, I only got three pieces this time. Keep reading if you want to see how they look. :)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

November's Look

Last week, I received another set of pretty clothes to try on from Femme Luxe. This autumn-winter, many big chain fashion ready-to-wear is crazy over sheer-through organza piece. I've seen them decorating all the store's front in Bullring along with PU leather dress, monochrome tone and countless long coats.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hot Trend Autumn Style

Today is still in the middle of the autumn season in the UK. The weather is not so good these few days (especially in Oxford), there were lots of rain and wind. But still, I couldn't wait for the sun to come to put on something cute and trendy before it happens. So, should we start?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

October Fashion Coordinate

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Hey gurls, I just got back from my autumn holiday in East Europe. On my day to Kutna Hora (above), I wore a shirt dress from Femme Luxe and pair it with my favourite body harness I bought in Tokyo. Plus a dark blue legging and my lovely white sneakers for an ultimate casual look, but still looked trendy.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Trendy Feminine to Chic Casual Coords

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Autumn is coming, the weather changes drastically every day here in the UK. In less than two weeks I'll be travelling to Europe again with my husband, guess where?  :>

Btw, I've received some pretty clothes again to try from femme luxe, and I'm so in love with all the items they have sent to me! This time I got 4 things to share with you. My husband loves the blue one, especially. How about you?

My husband is so in love with this co-ords, he said it'll perfect for the next summer! I love the material, it's not itchy, and the size fits me wholly. I may wear them separately or combine each piece with another piece for a different look.

Friday, September 06, 2019

End of Summer Outfit Coords in the UK

Summer is almost ending in the UK. I have a mixed feeling because I love the autumn season, but at the same time, I dislike the windy weather. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Outfit Coordination from Casual Chic to Girly

Some of you had noticed that my outfit coordination is changing a little bit. I used to like frilly dresses, anything with lace, something extra feminine and cute. But as you guys know, since I moved to the UK, I tried to challenge my self with something new. Seeking a different style is exciting for me, especially if it's something out from my comfort zone. For example, wearing body-fit clothes means that I'm considerably comfortable with my own body and that's the hardest thing.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Fashion Style ?

After moving to the UK, there are so many things I should adapt to fit in here. For example, the weather. When you visit four seasons country for a trip or holiday, it feels okay to enjoy the cold weather once in a while. But when you live in the country, it not the same.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Small Collection for Christmas and Holiday

Since Christmas and Holiday is near, I prepared a small collection for my indiebrand "Cominica Couture". I thought it will be so kawaii and beautiful if I made this a vintage flower edition, coz my self would love to wear something pretty and feminine for Christmas. (๑¯◡¯๑)੭ु⁾⁾

So I made like 8 outfits for the collection, kindly check it out! (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

Which one is your favorite? hhahha

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Neutral White Platform Shoes, Kawaii?

I always love white color, I think white can goes with everything like perfectly? lol and as a fashion lover, I think every girl must have at least a pair of white shoes~ (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

White often used as a symbol of purity and cleanliness, as for my self, I find it very neutral and innocent. ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚*

sorry i have a big thighs x_x

This shoe makes my figure looks taller? hahaha with this shoe I'm like more than 170cm. lol

This 5 inch platform heel is made really well and quite comfortable to wear. Strong enough and solid crafted, the material is good too! (۶்▿்)۶

I love the cross emblem on the front and the lace up type shoe, I always love lace up shoe because it looks cute, lol. 

                        wardrobe from cominicacouture

✧ Where To Get ?
I got this white shoe from (∘¯̆ᘢ¯̆)و”ꉂ

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kawaii Black Shoes is kawaii♡

Who says black can't look kawaii? ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚*

I rarely wear black color clothes not because I don't like it, haha. That just because I love Pink and White more than black. And I do think black can look kawaii just like other colors! (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

I think I looked so fat in this picture, lol my hair shape looks horrible too. I think I need a hair cut soon (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

I wore this Cute black shoes from to complete my style today. It is a very sweet and cute shoes with scalloped lace (look like) and bow in the middle.

The shoes is well made and the front is made with round shape. I always love round shape shoes because it looks so kawaii IMO~ (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

There's a cute bow in the back, cute point! I love bows so much, I think they look super cute on everything hahahaha!

The height is 2 3/4 inch which is not too tall and not too short. It feels quite comfortable to wear, I wore this shoes like 4 hours today and it was okay. Beauty is pain~

♪ Where to get?
I got this cute shoes from "here" <- kindly click to see the product!

"Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally" - Christian Loubotin

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