Sunday, March 04, 2018

Tony Moly Floria Hydra Toner Review

A fan of Korean skin care? I was. As an asian I always prefer asian skin care because I thought they were specifically created for us. We who lived in this humid country.

Even though the weather is mostly always summer here, sometimes our skin could get a bit dry right.

This toner from Tony Moly is contain morning glory stem cell extract, snail flower extract and hibiscus solution. It is supposed to hydrate our skin, makes it soft and supple.

Comes with an affordable plastic jar, this product still looks simply elegant. It has 130 ml solution in it so I guess I can use this toner for more than 3 months.

I kinda like the bottle but it'd be too bulky to bring if I go traveling, sometimes I'd pour some of the toner to smaller jar/bottle. It'd be easier to bring around!

This toner instantly hydrate my skin and cleans the residue from washing my face. It has a gel type toner but doesn't feel too greasy if I don't apply too much.

If your skin is super dry and need a toner to moisture your skin before the moisturizer/emulsion, you'd love this toner!

I think the best time for me to apply this toner is at night. When my body is relaxed, the effect is better on my skin.

Are you using toner in your everyday skin care routine? Sometimes we think it's not too important or we're using too much skin care products in one day. But actually it works.

I never skip a toner because it makes my serum works better before apply it. Toner also makes my skin feels so fresh and hydrate after cleansing.

I don't recommend this product for people with oily skin, it's a big no no! I think it works best for people with normal to dry skin. Luckily this toner doesn't cause any skin rash or irritation. I guess even though the price is affordable this product works really good as it is.

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